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Nancy Smith
Review from Nancy Smith
9 events 4 reviews

We really enjoyed it although we did not see any whales

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Review from Carpadiem
20 events 4 reviews

We saw 3 Blue Whales from a distance and hundreds of Dolphins close up. Pretty satisfied!

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Sandy Ng
Review from Sandy Ng
7 events 4 reviews

we saw plenty of dolphins and there were three whales.

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Goldstar Member
Review from Goldstar Member
7 events 4 reviews

We were able to spot a mom and her calf before we were even out of the harbor. We followed her along the shoreline and ran into some fun dolphins. After a while we left and went to chase another mom and calf and were able to find them. It was...continued

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Ballet Dad
Review from Ballet Dad
20 events 4 reviews

We've gone on two dolphin and whale watching cruises before this with a a different, and were excited to have the Goldstar opportunity to try this company. Sadly, this trip was significantly inferior. We booked the 3pm cruise on Sunday...continued

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Review from jimj1717
9 events 3 reviews

We had a great day. Sun was out and sky was blue. It was a bit windy leaving for some choppy conditions... but it is the ocean so not unexpected. We were able to see a school of Dolphins, so have your camera at the ready!
The Captain had...continued

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Goldstar Member
Review from Goldstar Member
7 events 3 reviews

Although a few small whales were spotted from afar, we didn't see any large species of whales on our cruise. What we did see were hundreds of dolphins all around the boat for a good portion of our journey. The way they swim beside, in front of,...continued

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Review from Mark
50 events 3 reviews

Did not see any whales. Boat ride was fun though and the crew was nice (apart from playing Aerosmith on the ship's intercom sperakers). However, I wish we would have been informed as to how we could obtain information regarding recent sightings or...continued

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Kris Harris
Review from Kris Harris
6 events 3 reviews

Even though we knew whale watching season had passed, we saw hundreds of dolphins - with babies too! Couldn't have asked for a more perfect day weather wise and dolphin wise. Food onboard is OK, small grill, bagged chips, candy and lots of...continued

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Review from kkw34
12 events 3 reviews

For the cost of the half-price tickets on Goldstar, I think the cruise was a great value. We went in June, which is not really whale-watching season, yet we saw a minke whale and two very large pods of dolphins. The dolphins, which come close to...continued

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Julia Ackerman
Review from Julia Ackerman
13 events 3 reviews

Fun event on a nice boat, lots of great viewing

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Review from Trudy
9 events 3 reviews
Wesley J. Su
Review from Wesley J. Su
5 events 3 reviews

I thought it was pretty good. We saw 4-5 whales during our trip.... the captain of the ship didn't wanted to get closer to the whales so we had to watch them from a distance but it was pretty fun chasing the whales...just being out there at...continued

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Review from Lainie
7 events 3 reviews

I took my mother and my daughter for Mothers Day. My mom had alot of fun but my daughter got a little sea sick. We saw a bunch of dolphins and sea lions, no wales but it was still nice to see the wild dolphins. We brought our own lunch and were...continued

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Review from mariyna
8 events 3 reviews

I'm sure other people enjoyed it a lot but this was not for me and few other girls. I was SICK the whole time.

Staying on the dock for the first half an hour gave me motion sickness so I went inside, by the time they started seeing dolphins and...continued

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Ryan Joseph
Review from Ryan Joseph
14 events 3 reviews

It was a booze cruise without booze. We never left the coastline. The only whales we would have spotted, would have been beached.

The driver even missed the entrance to the harbor, so we have to do yet another circle. Everyone sat inside...continued

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Review from Vera
23 events 3 reviews

It was a wonderful experience. We didn't see whale, but so many dolphins. I recommend it to everyone.

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Linda Mitchell
Review from Linda Mitchell
19 events 3 reviews

It was the perfect weather, day and even though the whales weren't to be found this time of year (go in August for the blue whales), the dolphins and California sea lions were nice to see. Very relaxing enjoyable event. I would do it again.

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Don Emmons
Review from Don Emmons
11 events 3 reviews

It was the best

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Review from nedab
26 events 3 reviews

Loved it. Saw a lot of beautiful Dolphins, and a California Gray Whale. A beautiful day on the water. Thanks

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