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Albert Rowuin
Review from Albert Rowuin
Red Velvet 691 events 560 reviews

I really enjoyed this production but there were a couple things that made it less than perfect. First were a couple poles on each side of the stage that obscured many seats. The second concern I had was with the same person playing both of the...continued

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Mark Marcus
Review from Mark Marcus
Red Velvet 484 events 121 reviews

Very funny; better than I expected!

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Jeff Wise
Review from Jeff Wise
Red Velvet 319 events 93 reviews

AVE. Q- Was awesome! A very funny musical, and such a talented cast also! My friend and I loved it! I highly recommend it to all!

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Carol Edger Germain
Review from Carol Edger Germain
Red Velvet 515 events 80 reviews

Since I am not a fan of musicals in general, I was aware only that Avenue Q had been quite popular on Broadway and also at the Pantages, I believe, and had some puppets in it. I was impressed by how many times it got extended at this tiny theater...continued

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Stephen DeCordova
Review from Stephen DeCordova
Red Velvet 97 events 63 reviews

This is a fabulous local production of a terrific, Tony Award-winning musical! The script and songs are excellent, the cast is spirited and talented, the production is artfully crafted. This is a very entertaining show...and a great value! Go!

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Review from Dev
Red Velvet 114 events 44 reviews

I FINALLY got to see what everyone was raving about. Hmm, not much to rave for. Good theatre though--just not worth the hype.

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Tommy McCarthy
Review from Tommy McCarthy
Red Velvet 79 events 43 reviews

Everyone there was very friendly, and the show was a lot of fun... It did get quite hot in the theatre, though, would have been nice if they'd have turned the A/C up... Also, there were some sound issues, most notably the fact that one of the...continued

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Review from KM
Red Velvet 163 events 42 reviews

Loved the production. HOWEVER, the parking is very tough. WORSE YET, we had someone parking the car (4 blocks away) who was back before the production began and the theater staff locked the door and would not let him in the theater. I'd think...continued

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Review from Bobby
Red Velvet 143 events 37 reviews

Nice theatre with stadium seating. We watched this funny, raunchy and popular musical will a highly entertainng cast. A super fun show. Highly recommend the Cupcake theatre.

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Kyle Vermeulen
Review from Kyle Vermeulen
Red Velvet 112 events 18 reviews

Extremely talented cast overall, made the show work for such a tight space. I usually don't call out individuals but the actress playing Kate Monster was spot on.

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Brian Lau
Review from Brian Lau
Red Velvet 104 events 16 reviews

Great show with an enthusiastic cast.

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Linda Lou
Review from Linda Lou
Red Velvet 27 events 16 reviews

I had seen Avenue Q in Las Vegas and wanted to see again. The show at the Cupcake did not disappoint. The Actors were right on. The theater was small but very accommodating. Our seats provided excellent views. Would definitely recommend!

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Review from Julz
Red Velvet 39 events 14 reviews

We had the early entry tickets and showed up about 45 minutes early. DO NOT SHOW UP LATE! There is no late seating, which I truly appreciate. As a long time theater goer, I do not understand the LA mindset that says it OK to show up 5-15 minutes...continued

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Steve Prover
Review from Steve Prover
Red Velvet 15 events 11 reviews

Venue gives new meaning to the metaphor hole in the wall As minimalist as the venue was the production was outstanding. This is a group of very talented performers Who provide what might be described as an adult like Muppet experience. The...continued

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Kirk Henry
Review from Kirk Henry
Red Velvet 200 events 9 reviews

Small theater on hollywood. Enthusiastic crowd.

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Dotan Saguy
Review from Dotan Saguy
Red Velvet 21 events 7 reviews

It's definitely a low budget production in a low budget theater but you're obviously not paying for Broadway priced tickets in the first place so can't complain too much. Anyway, what the theater lacked in bathrooms and comfy chairs, the cast made...continued

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Review from KGHirano
Red Velvet 22 events 6 reviews

Did not like the venue- very uncomfortable. Also, the changes made from the original - when something works, do not change it. Lastly, the actors with the puppets were too conspicuous, which took away from show. HOWEVER, THE ACTORS WERE GREAT -...continued

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Robyn Zucchino
Review from Robyn Zucchino
Red Velvet 80 events 4 reviews

Fun! Fun! Fun!

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Review from GNich
Red Velvet 13 events 3 reviews

Not a bad seat, viewing wise, in the 99 seat house. But the floor seats are jammed packed worse than a coach seat on United.... NO leg room. And the seats themselves are very uncomfortable. The production itself was top notch.

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Dan Carrillo
Review from Dan Carrillo
Red Velvet 69 events 2 reviews

The address of the venue was wrong, once we found the right venue, they said it was overbooked and gave us a ticket to return.

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