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Review from Elyssabrooke
10 events 2 reviews

The show was absolutely amazing! I had seen Avenue Q in London and did not think this show would be able to compare (given the small size of the theater-approx 100 seats), however, I was mistaken. The show was fantastic. The cast was incredibly...continued

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Review from tiggert45
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The show was a lot of fun, and they have a cool photobooth with puppets to take pictures with, and the cast all lined up after the show to talk and take pictures. That was awesome. Unfortunately, they seem to often sell more tickets than they...continued

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Jennifer Felix-shannon
Review from Jennifer Felix-shannon
10 events 2 reviews

The theater oversold tickets so when I showed up I didn't have a seat. They didn't offer a refund but said I might be able to attend another show. Horrible experience.

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Review from Ivan
6 events 2 reviews

Theater was very small and I was nervous I wouldn't be able to sit next to my boyfriend. Other that that the performance was great. We both left very happy.

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Jen from NoHo
Review from Jen from NoHo
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This is a small theater (seats about 220) where you pretty much won't get a bad seat and the cast was really great, very energetic, so you really wanted to applaud their performance. The lead actor on the night we were there was Tyler Tafolla and...continued

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Joe Velasco
Review from Joe Velasco
12 events 2 reviews

This was my second time around. I saw Avenue Q performed at the old Cupcake Theater and loved it. This performance did not disappoint. The group was on point from the moment they hit the stage until the final bow. Great music, awesome acting, an...continued

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Review from miya
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This was not my style. Puppets interacting with people (with the guy operating the puppet standing visibly right there) and then behaving like adults is just.... weird.
Sesame Streets meets I dunno.. Sex and The City?

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Scott Lubbers
Review from Scott Lubbers
5 events 2 reviews

Very entertaining and talented cast. Lots of laughs as well as some poignant moments. Definitely worth seeing.
The Cupcake theater is a small venue and thus the production values are limited so don't expect a lot. But the cast pulls it off with...continued

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Review from Charbeauxc
6 events 2 reviews

Very professional performance.

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Review from LongBeachGal
7 events 2 reviews

Very small but intimate theatre. Great interpretation of the original play. Creative staging. Friendly group:)

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Lailee Foroutan
Review from Lailee Foroutan
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We sat in the very back row and it was great! Very tiny theatre; so all seats are probably good. The lady sitting next to us said she's a Broadway writer, saw the show on Broadway and said this was just as good, even though the set was minimal....continued

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Kenny Herring
Review from Kenny Herring
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We were there opening night. The sound was off the microphones were nothot enough or the microphones were nota good fit. Maybe it was the venue obviously the venue not built to Optimum sound actors were amazing that was beautiful the media was...continued

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Review from Julie
4 events 2 reviews

What a great production!! The actors were fantastic! I saw Avenue Q quite a few years ago at one of the "Large" theatres, and this production at the Cupcake Theater was just as great! The talent was just as comparable!! Would definitely come...continued

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Derek Frederickson
Review from Derek Frederickson
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Wonderful show; great cast, top notch voices!!!

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Review from Paul
4 events 1 review

2nd time at the Cupcake, and as with the Little Shop Of Horrors, they did an excellent job with Avenue Q and will keep coming back for other productions they do here

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Review from julliel
7 events 1 review

A quality show! Definitely feel like I received my money's worth. The talent shined and the small theatre gave the entire performance an intimate feeling, like they were only performing for me (even though it was a full house)! I recommend it, and...continued

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Review from Brianr54
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A really game cast in a very small space. They made it work and their voices were spot on!

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Donna Weiser
Review from Donna Weiser
3 events 1 review

Absolute hoot!

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Sabrina Henry
Review from Sabrina Henry
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Absolutely loved it! Although the area was smaller than expected and there was one bathroom in the back of the stage it was worth it! The acting was fantastic and being that it was small it was very personal. I highly suggest it!

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Review from derrickmatthew
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Absolutely hilarious!Went for opening weekend ans the cast nailed it! We may have to go see it again ;-}

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