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Meryl Hathaway
Review from Meryl Hathaway
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Amazing cast, hilarious show!

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Review from Saurabh
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Amazing show! This is the 2nd time I've seen it and it is as good as I recall!

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Emily Puotrowicz
Review from Emily Puotrowicz
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An impossible number of problems to report for this production, venue and more:

The venue:
My biggest problem was the lack of real seating. The theatre was a long, narrow room with conference chairs packed in as tight as possible. There is no way...continued

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Review from rmarkwardt
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Arrived 5 minutes late and so was seated along one side of a hallway where visibility was fair.
The small production however was very good. Some technical issues with mics were quickly resolved. Overall - 7 out of 10.

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Review from Motheronedge
4 events 1 review

Avenue Q at the Cupcake Theater was a real gem! Despite the fact that the stage is tiny, the performance was extravagant. The ensemble is so talented as well as the musicians. It was my first time seeing this show and I thoroughly enjoyed it. ...continued

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Jessica Weiner
Review from Jessica Weiner
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Awesome show! Amazing cast and great new space! Love Cupcake!

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Review from CameronMyers
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Awesome. This was my second time seeing it. Susannah Corrington was excellent. A real talent who will be going places.

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Don Brusasco
Review from Don Brusasco
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Cool. Intimate venue. Great show.

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Brenda Salomé Salamone
Review from Brenda Salomé Salamone
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Despite the small size of the stage at Cupcake, it was a big show. All the cast was great, but the male and female leads were outstanding. Enjoyed every minute of it!

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Jeannette Guluzian
Review from Jeannette Guluzian
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Didn’t know what to expect, but really enjoyed it! We had trouble hearing some of the actors. Also, some sound feedback problems. Next time I’ll wait for later performances since the seat prices are the same. Bathroom needs major repair. One...continued

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Goldstar Member
Review from Goldstar Member
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Excellent performances by all the human actors let down by terrible sound and poorly directed puppetry. Also, Cupcake’s weird ticketing and seating process is painful. Had to leave at the interval due to discomfort of seating and unbearable heat...continued

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Review from Aliza
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fabulous job!! after years of wanting to see this musical, i was FINALLY able to, and the cast succeed my expectations! awesome job guys and gals! i laughed and sang along. also loved the intimate theater space and how you can have drinks too.

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Review from VM
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Fantastic show! I was a little worried when we walked into the teeny tiny theater, but every aspect of the performance was outstanding, and well worth the price and the travel time for us (we live 2 hours away)!

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Sanford Cohen
Review from Sanford Cohen
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Fantastic evening. First time at the Cupcake Theater. I will be a regular. Avenue Q was wonderful. Great actors, energy, set, voices and overall a great experience.

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Jamie Francis
Review from Jamie Francis
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fantastically inappropriate

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Review from David
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I loved it!
Best way to experience this show is in the small intimate theatre.
You will laugh...
A lot!!!

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Cristina Bahena
Review from Cristina Bahena
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Funny play. Would recommend. The theater is quite small with only one bathroom. The cast did a good job and overall I liked it.

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Tiffanie Do
Review from Tiffanie Do
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Funny! Funny! Funny!

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Lucie Pelleriti
Review from Lucie Pelleriti
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Get the VIP!! Everything was great!!

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Barbara Balanan
Review from Barbara Balanan
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