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Pawl Leonardo
Review from Pawl Leonardo
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I love this musical, and the Cupcake cast definitely did it justice! :) Loved Katy as Kate Monster/ Lucy the Slut!

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Review from Teddy
8 events 1 review

I loved. A must see musical. The cast is so talented and provide so much energy and laughter you can't help but dance and cheer. I would love to see it again!

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Melinda Grance
Review from Melinda Grance
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I thought the play and the venue were great.

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Shelly McMahon
Review from Shelly McMahon
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I thought Avenue Q was hilarious!!! Also hitting on issues no one wants to talk about. I was impressed by the whole cast. Especially Brett McMahon. Didn't know he could do so many different voices!

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Matt Hanover
Review from Matt Hanover
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I was 1 minute late and they closed the doors on me.
My mistake for not reading the disclosure that this could happen. They said if they extended the run I could see another show, but no one will return my email and there's no where to leave a...continued

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Goldstar Member
Review from Goldstar Member
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I was 3 mins late to the show and was told to either come back in an hour for intermission or email cup cake theatre to reschedule a different date to come back. I emailed them and have not received any messages back in response. They don't...continued

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Review from LEE HESS
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I've seen Avenue Q in Vegas and at the Ahmanson and was curious to see it done on this very small stage. It was every bit as good as the large "professional" casts and productions. My date and I loved it! If you have not seen it, treat yourself...continued

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Sarah Leung
Review from Sarah Leung
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I've seen it three times, all with Cupcake Theater, and I still laugh at all the right moments! :)

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Review from pianofortist
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Impressed with the streamlined service for concessions as well as for seating.

The actual show was amazing. The small theater was excellent and the audience was great. The energy in the room was palpable.

I look forward to more Cupcake...continued

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Review from Erin
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It was a cute show.

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Marsha Fox
Review from Marsha Fox
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it was a great production. i had seen it in las vegas in a much larger theatre but this was just as amazing! so much fun.

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Barbara Balaban
Review from Barbara Balaban
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It was a spectacular show.
Acted beautifully
Great energy

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Jamie Chvotkin
Review from Jamie Chvotkin
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It was good to read the reviews ahead of time to know what to expect. The theater is small and the stage had no sets. Just the actors and puppets. The chairs are pretty uncomfortable for sure, but they did have a nice 10 minute stretch period. For...continued

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Noriko Olling
Review from Noriko Olling
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It was one of the best shows I've ever seen. Great singing , acting and dancing. I got to see it from 2 feet away.

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Brandon Edward Gomez
Review from Brandon Edward Gomez
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It was TERRIBLE!!! I drive an HOUR to get to this show and I was TWO minutes late and they refused to let me into the show and I was EXTREMELY upset! They didn't care at all and said I could come back at intermission! I will never go back to this...continued

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Raymund Abutal
Review from Raymund Abutal
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I’ve been wanting to see this for years literally and it didn’t disappoint!!! The actors were phenomenal and full of energy. It was totally worth getting the early admission seats although no seat in the room was a bad seat. This is a production...continued

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Allan Anderson
Review from Allan Anderson
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Laughed my a** off! We had a terrific time!

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Eric Batista
Review from Eric Batista
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Loved it! Some opening night jitters from the cast, but otherwise an excellent show. I'll be seeing it again next week!

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Krystina Paraiso
Review from Krystina Paraiso
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My first time at Cupcake Theater and my first time seeing Avenue Q. Glad I read the Yelp reviews, so I was prepared for how small the venue was and for the limited restroom facilities. But what the place lacked in size was made up for in the...continued

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Review from Jakey3p
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New theater, plenty of bathrooms. Intimate and every seat is a good one. The play was really well done/hilarious and the cast was great.

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