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Stephanie S
Review from Stephanie S
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Once the performance began, I forgot I was in a small theater. The acting, music, and quality was great. I look forward to seeing more shows at Cupcake. I highly recommend this performance.

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Suzanne Schmidt
Review from Suzanne Schmidt
10 events 1 review

Overall the show was great. A couple less than great things were 1) The sound system was not working properly so the performer's mics kept cutting in and out. I would have been a little lost if I didn't already know the show so well. 2) There was...continued

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Review from D
2 events 1 review

Play was good but there were technical difficulties with the mics so we missed hearing a lot of the lines over the music, which was too loud. Also the loud air conditioning was on the whole time--we were freezing and it made the play hard to hear.

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Review from Mallory
7 events 1 review

Really enjoyed the show. The cast was excellent. Small theater, very intimate.

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Pauline Keeble
Review from Pauline Keeble
3 events 1 review

Saw this play in New York and enjoyed it, however, it was fabulous in this tiny little venue with no props! Amazing.

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Kristen Yu
Review from Kristen Yu
13 events 1 review

Small, intimate production, but amazing! Great story, awesome performers, great music, I want to see it again!

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Mark Wilbur
Review from Mark Wilbur
5 events 1 review

Small, intimate theater, great experience. Staff are fun and very helpful.

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Robert Mojica
Review from Robert Mojica
12 events 1 review

So funny

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Tara Radcliffe
Review from Tara Radcliffe
2 events 1 review

So much fun. Funnier than Book of Mormon could ever dream to be. GO GO GO!

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Clara Marroquin
Review from Clara Marroquin
3 events 1 review

Spirited cast to go with a hilarious musical. The Cupcake Theatre is a tiny spot easily overlooked in Hollywood, it is small and minimal but the show is well produced. A casual environment for an entertaining evening, bring your friends (not your...continued

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Jennifer Bennett
Review from Jennifer Bennett
3 events 1 review

Such a good cast! So much fun!

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Jacqueline Saltos
Review from Jacqueline Saltos
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Super casual, fun environment, and really nice to do something new in town.

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Review from WestCoastSeaNettles
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The actors were absolutely great; a very talented group who really knew how to keep the audience entertained and laughing. Definitely would recommend this show to friends!

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Matthew Bonilla
Review from Matthew Bonilla
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The cast and crew was amazing. The location was smaller than expected but they definitely used it to their advantage. The seats are super close no matter how far you are and you can clearly see their expressions it's amazing. I'm definitely going...continued

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Review from Madbaker
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The cast was amazing. the play was unrelentingly funny. and i have a little crush on the cupcake theater. it's adorable and i can not wait to go back and see anything there.

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Review from Alex
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The cast was brilliant. Audio and lighting were great. Great production overall. The theater is a little small but the cast made it work. The worst thing I can say is that there is only one restroom in the back. Just make sure you get there early...continued

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Judith Abronson
Review from Judith Abronson
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The cast was amazing and SO talented!!! This could have easily been a Broadway Cast! The show was hilarious and SO well done!!! The Cupcake Theater was quaint, comfortable, and the staff were very friendly.

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Review from Ken
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The cupcake theatre was small but its intimacy was wonderful. The production was incredible.

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Annie Choi
Review from Annie Choi
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The Cupcake Theater is awesome!!! :)

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Review from Toinglicity
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The first come first serve rule doesn't work in this theater. We arrived on time and got good seats, but when the theater was almost full, the manager moved us with the excuse that those seats were reserved. The seats had no label, no cord, no...continued

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