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Review from Duran
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The musical was hilarious and awesome to see performed live! The Cupcake Theater provides a close and intimate setting that improves the experience. The musical itself is witty and filled with a lot of adult humor while still addressing important...continued

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Cindy Wells
Review from Cindy Wells
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The performance and cast were superb! The story is relative to life in general and the music and lyrics were outstanding.

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Eric Forman
Review from Eric Forman
4 events 1 review

The performers were uniformly fantastic. Having never seen the original I'm glad I got to see the show in an intimate setting like the Cupcake Theater as I feel it could lose something in a larger venue. Even in the back row I could see the detail...continued

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Review from Neti
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The productions was wonderful! Amazing performances from a well casted ensemble. Highly recommend this show for those who want to laugh and have a great evening with friends or family.

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sandy hai
Review from sandy hai
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The show was fantastic! It had me laughing and smiling the whole time. I would high recommend this show for everyone to watch!

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Adam Haskins
Review from Adam Haskins
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The show was great, I only ended up seeing half of it due to the venue sucked shitty yak ass. Hope the theatre burns down with the owners in it.

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Review from mebemarybe
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The show was great! Very funny , and the cast was talented! Only downside was the way the theater packs you in....they added a front row and a few more seats in the back after people were mostly seated, and (being a nurse) I started looking...continued

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Review from JRav59
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The show was very good despite some technical issues. The mics were very off the night we went. Some lead characters lost songs due to technical problems which is unfortunate. Luckily I know the musical. Otherwise, it was a great time!

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Review from jessz
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The show was very entertaining. The actors were very talented. The venue was small but inviting. All the seats were good seats

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Lyssa Uchida
Review from Lyssa Uchida
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The theater was too small for a production of Avenue q. There was no stage design so actors that were suppose to be puppeteers were entirely visible, even their faces. You weren't watching the puppets at all as the actors over powered in motion...continued

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Review from Veronica
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The theater was absolutely packed and had such great energy. The actors and actresses were outstanding. Vocals were spot on and the whole show was outrageously funny. GOOO!

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Review from Stefan
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The theater is small and cramped, don't expect to go to the resteroom on site. The performance from the actor's was outstanding. Just wish the production value was better, you know lighting and sound(which had a lot of mic interference)...

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Robbie Gonzales
Review from Robbie Gonzales
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The venue was incredibly small and when you first sit down you think about how they possibly can put on a show. But they do and I would say that it would be pretty hard to have a bad seat because you are so close in this tiny theater. The only...continued

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Review from Cthiem1@aol.com
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Theatre was too cramped and uncomfortable to be enjoyable.

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Philip Bloom
Review from Philip Bloom
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Third time seeing this show- though a smaller production still a great cast. Only "issue" was the sound system & PA need to be adjusted/ fixed for leveling and love mixing.

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Afton Blake
Review from Afton Blake
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This is a most unique and amazing play. I love the puppets I love the music and I loved all the social issues that it dealt with and I love that it was an almost X-rated adult puppetshow. Perfect.

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Review from cchang0401
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This might be a better version than original Avenue Q at Cupcake Theater. Need to see it to believe it.

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Anna Yan
Review from Anna Yan
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This show was great! The cast worked extremely well with the audience, and the black box type stage at the cupcake theater made the experience very cool. The cast was hilarious, the audience were mostly respectful. Though, the cupcake theater...continued

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Joel Sanchez
Review from Joel Sanchez
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This was a great musical with an intimate audience honestly the show felt like it was being performed only for myself. I would highly recommend this play at the cupcake theatre

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Courtney Rabena
Review from Courtney Rabena
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This was an amazing production! I would absolutely recommend watching it. And the theatre is nice and small making for an intimate show and a good view wherever you sit.

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