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Angie Delp
Review from Angie Delp
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This was the first show I've seen at The Cupcake Theatre. It's a small black box with only one restroom, but there isn't really a bad seat in the house.
Their production of Avenue Q was outstanding! The talent sang and acted wonderfully. The...continued

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Review from gfunk
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Top notch music and talented vocalists. Clever use of props. If you don't sit in the front, you won't be able to see the actor's feet, but fortunately, most of the action is above the waist, so sight lines were not a big problem for us in the 10th...continued

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Victoria Avalon
Review from Victoria Avalon
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Top-notch show! High quality for a small black-box theatre. Would definitely recommend Cupcake to a friend.

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Jeremy Fuchs
Review from Jeremy Fuchs
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Very funny and extremely talented cast. I don't mean extremely talented for a small theater either...every one of them was Broadway worthy, reinforcing my belief that this town is just absolutely stacked with talent...and these actors are...continued

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Jill Brunner
Review from Jill Brunner
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Very small theater, cramped, had to sit in very back. Play was amateur.

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Review from shanai
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Very talented cast. Not a fan of the venue.

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Sylvia Perez
Review from Sylvia Perez
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We attended the Saturday night sold out show. We had early bird tickets (4), and snagged traffic coming from Inland Empire. I read the reviews about the seating policy and checkin, so I was a bit worried we may not get the seating we needed. We...continued

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Review from Dbear1000
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We had a great time. I was surprised how professional and talented the cast was. I look forward to seeing more shows at the Cupcake theatre.

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Review from JB
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We loved it! The cast is so talented, I was so impressed!

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Review from Keithfox
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We purchased two tickets on Goldstar for the 930 show on Saturday, April 25 we waited line for 20 minutes and around 945 were told they couldn't see those because they were over sold there were about eight other customers who were told the same...continued

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Jonathan Cole
Review from Jonathan Cole
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Well done! Yes, the theatre is a bit "intimate," but the upside is that you can actually hear the dialogue and songs and see the facial expressions on the puppets...A great adaptation of this play, had a great time!

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Kristiann Castro
Review from Kristiann Castro
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Who doesn't love a dirty puppet show? The venue itself is small but it is made up for in passion for the arts. They had a small bar inside, the cast was fantastic, and I had a great date because of buying these tickets. Tips: 1. get the early bird...continued

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Jerry Pattison
Review from Jerry Pattison
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