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Review from peolguin0227
Red Velvet 7 events 1 review

What an amazing cast! Such incredible performances!
Go see this show!!

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Ray Q.
Review from Ray Q.
448 events 416 reviews

Among the small cast, only one (or two) performers really brought it. I understand that what I saw was still a technical preview, but the cast (as a whole) seemed not yet fully committed to the show. Some punch lines were lost, and although they...continued

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Jose Reyes
Review from Jose Reyes
297 events 147 reviews

Great show. High energy. The actors were very good. I didn't quite like the venue. There was just one restroom and it was located near the stage and it was just awkward to go there during the show or even at intermission. I'm sure this...continued

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John W Boland
Review from John W Boland
134 events 102 reviews

First of all.....the show is truly superb. The performers are superb..... the puppets are superb...the music is superb....the humor is.....well, you get the idea...right?! Go!

But....don't expect a "normal" theater in which to see the show....continued

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Brad R
Review from Brad R
153 events 95 reviews

Different, fun, different. A lot of the dialogue his close to home. Good to see Gary Coleman there!

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Jeff Wise
Review from Jeff Wise
317 events 93 reviews

AVE. Q- Was awesome! A very funny musical, and such a talented cast also! My friend and I loved it! I highly recommend it to all!

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Review from Sev
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Review from Sev
195 events 84 reviews

CUPCAKE DOES IT AGAIN! A great performance of Avenue Q from an amazing cast.

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Review from Bicoastal
112 events 76 reviews

Super talented performers with outstanding voices! Story could have been done without puppets though. Did not like sex scenes. Theater host graciously allowed us early access because an 85 year old was with us.

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Review from Dijou
86 events 62 reviews

I love Avenue Q and have seen it six times from Broadway to the very smallest production and THIS was the VERY smallest production. If ticket prices were less I might have given it 4 stars just because the show itself is so strong it survives...continued

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Elizabeth F.
Review from Elizabeth F.
102 events 57 reviews

Outstanding performance by a wonderful cast. Quite a treat to get such a high caliber performance from a local theater. Highly recommend!

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Gemma G-E
Review from Gemma G-E
92 events 55 reviews

We love this show! The cast was superb! The only thing we didn't like was the heating/cooling system of the theater. The fans were too loud and it got cold so bring a light sweater.

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Joyce G.
Review from Joyce G.
122 events 44 reviews

An exceptional small theater experience. Singing, acting and pupeteering were perfect.

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Review from KM
162 events 42 reviews

Loved the production. HOWEVER, the parking is very tough. WORSE YET, we had someone parking the car (4 blocks away) who was back before the production began and the theater staff locked the door and would not let him in the theater. I'd think...continued

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Jackie B
Review from Jackie B
144 events 41 reviews

It was a unique show that was highly entertaining. I purchased the early admission tickets to get early seating. I arrived forty minutes early and there was a line. ADVICE: PRINT OUT YOUR TICKETS beforehand because they didn't have a roster to...continued

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Review from Trish
71 events 40 reviews

It might be better to upgrade to the "Early Bird" ticket in order to have more seating choices at this tiny theatre! The show was funny/amusing, but not as shocking/scandalous as I was originally led to believe. It's sort of a mash up between...continued

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Michael Gray
Review from Michael Gray
136 events 38 reviews

3rd time to see it. Awesome production.
get the early tickets for better seating.
not really for kids. Profanity and sexual references. Just because it has puppets does not make it kid friendly.
It is a must see for everyone else. I will go...continued

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Review from California
163 events 38 reviews

Great show with great energy. Cast is excellent! Even though it was not a hot day, venue is crazy hot even though AC seemed to be turned on. I would avoid this place during a heat wave.

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Michael Gray
Review from Michael Gray
136 events 38 reviews

So good I am going back with more friends. I have recommended this to my Priest, too! Go see this production! Go!!!!

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Michael Gray
Review from Michael Gray
136 events 38 reviews

Super cast! Awesome show. Loved the new venue.

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