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Michael Gray
Review from Michael Gray
136 events 38 reviews

Super cast! Awesome show. Loved the new venue.

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Matt Yabs
Review from Matt Yabs
93 events 35 reviews

Venue is really small. Seating was hard to see from back row. Actors were great though

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Lola House
Review from Lola House
58 events 34 reviews

Awesome! I mean they have a song called: "Everybody is a little bit racist" and they sing it sesame street happy!, and don't let me get started on the puppet sex on stage! this show is just FUN! FUN! FUN! SHAMELESS FUN! Everybody does a great job!

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Rony M
Review from Rony M
45 events 32 reviews

I have no words to describe how amazing this performance was. I’m so glad I got to see this show for the second time. All the performers were incredible. The girl playing Kate Monster has such a beautiful voice. I got the chance to talk to Mike...continued

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Review from DIANEWOZ
59 events 32 reviews

Read about how small theater was and limited bathroom, and snacks, but that didn't matter, the talent was well worth it, Very funny show. Only complaint was lost some of the dialogue/singing due to one actor not having personal mic and...continued

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R S Vivs Laliberte
Review from R S Vivs Laliberte
51 events 31 reviews

The show and the performers were so completely worth the price of admission and even the ride up from the OC! We will be going back! Don't let the black-box hole in the wall demeanor throw you, this place has top quality performers!

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Review from Terri
82 events 29 reviews

Early Bird is the way to go. Fun, intimate venue.

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David Bertolino
Review from David Bertolino
52 events 29 reviews

great venue, great show, good karma

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Donald Rapp
Review from Donald Rapp
51 events 29 reviews

I thought it was going to be a real puppet show. Instead it was a stand up, song and dance show, where the dancers held puppets in their hands. There were a few really clever skits, especially the one on "everybody is a little bit racist". But the...continued

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Andrea Franklin
Review from Andrea Franklin
88 events 28 reviews

A brilliant and witty romp where actors morph into puppets, and make you laugh, smile, and well-up with emotion. Highly recommend!

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Jim Guillet
Review from Jim Guillet
79 events 28 reviews

The Cupcake Theater is a small venue with an amazingly talented cast. We had a great time at this show. Plan on about $15 for parking.

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Review from B.J.
41 events 27 reviews

This was a cute show. The actors/puppets were fun to watch. The downside was that the seats weren't very comfortable -- too hard but otherwise it was a pleasant experience.

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Irene Jensen
Review from Irene Jensen
47 events 26 reviews

Unless you have puppet-phobia, you will love it. The is no need to have a Sesame Street knowledge to love this. On stage, there is a mix of actors and two foot puppets. It has adult topics, laughing at lifes reality with the use of puppets. It is...continued

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Owned By Dogs
Review from Owned By Dogs
34 events 25 reviews

The actors were all very good-in spite of the loud air vent that interfered with the show. The audience were all in a good mood and we had a great time. I would recommend checking out the Cupcake theater to anyone.

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Grace Villagomez
Review from Grace Villagomez
74 events 24 reviews

Cozy theatre, good friend, GREAT performance!! The actors made the place feel bigger than it was! Highly recommended to all who love irreverent comedy :) like me!

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Review from Ilove2h8usc
36 events 24 reviews

Loved it! Laughed out loud!!
Wonderful actors w/tremendous talent!!! Wonderful performance!
Was not a huge fan of the venue!? They packed the seats in!! Some were seated seperate!? Boo!!

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Review from jrb1021
25 events 23 reviews

Disclaimer: Goldstar has made good on this horrible purchase. I have no complaints whatsoever about Goldstar (except that this so-called theatre company's policy was not made clear until AFTER the ticket purchase). The following has to do...continued

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Robert Berend
Review from Robert Berend
54 events 22 reviews

Great play, meaningful, funny, great music, great messages.

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David Levine
Review from David Levine
63 events 22 reviews

Wonderful, extremely funny. Loved it. The actors were great

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Jenny Jeong
Review from Jenny Jeong
139 events 21 reviews

It was a very entertaining musical. Modern, but not tacky. There were some vulgar moments, racist moments, and witty moments all done in a somewhat cheesy and over-the-top style that tied it well together.

Find street parking, seats are first...continued

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