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Charles Mantell
Review from Charles Mantell
34 events 20 reviews

For an enjoyable evening go see Avenue Q. Cast is excellent. Quality of performance is top notch. The story line, singing and puppetry is delightful. A unique stage event. Go via train if you can. No hastle travel. Chuck

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John S.
Review from John S.
323 events 20 reviews

The show itself was OK -- performances were generally very good, but they could've used better production values, like TV screens to reinforce the adult "Sesame Street" nature of the production. I've seen "Avenue Q" at least six or seven times,...continued

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Review from Cheryl
37 events 19 reviews

Great local production! I have seen it four previous times at larger theatres and this one was just as good. A definite must see if you have any sense of humor!

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Review from Morgan
55 events 18 reviews

I must preface my review by saying I saw one of the preview performances. I am sure the show will get stronger and stronger as the weeks go by.

This was the 4th time I have seen the show from the Ahmanson to a theatre in San Francisco and back...continued

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Elisa Westman
Review from Elisa Westman
33 events 17 reviews

Great show in a cool small venue.

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Michael S.
Review from Michael S.
148 events 17 reviews

I see about 60 plays a year. The Cupcake Theater always puts on a Broadway play. I can see why some of these actors did make it to Broadway. Avenue Q is no exception to this. The whole cast I hope is Broadway bound. This theater has won many...continued

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Mark Morales
Review from Mark Morales
38 events 17 reviews

I thoroughly enjoyed the experience of watching Avenue Q at the Cupcake Theater. Everyone who works there is nice, friendly and goes out of their way to ensure customers enjoy themselves. The play itself was fantastic and the actors were very...continued

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Review from eihl
23 events 17 reviews

It was fun, funny and amazing! The lead female artist's voice is jaw-droppingly good. Very talented people!

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Thomas Edgar
Review from Thomas Edgar
141 events 17 reviews

talented cast. Fun show

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Donna Grayson
Review from Donna Grayson
75 events 16 reviews

Loved the show. Great cast and music. Very funny.

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Review from Ellie
24 events 16 reviews

Parking was easy. The venue is small so all the seats are good. The lighting for the stairs was inadequate and both the person I went with and I almost fell on them. The play itself was fabulous. The singers were great, the topics that they...continued

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Laura Brown
Review from Laura Brown
66 events 16 reviews

Yoing, appealing cast brings alive this satiric musical exploring the aftermath of the 2007 financial crash and how it dashed the dreams of a whole generation of millennials. Worth going just to hear the clear singing of the lead actress, who...continued

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Review from drgnldy
22 events 15 reviews

I saw Avenue Q with my son last Sunday at the Cupcake Theater. I'll start with the positive. The play and the performers were excellent. Very talented actors and enjoyable play. On the negative, the venue was horrendous. There must have been 100...continued

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Silvia Geng
Review from Silvia Geng
21 events 15 reviews

Small theater but the performance was great, especially the one playing Kate Monster and Lucy! Audio with the mics could have been better but the staff is great. Found free parking around the theater.

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Review from sm958
43 events 15 reviews

The Cupcake Studios has produced an outstanding production of Avenue Q. I highly recommend this show. The cast was simply exceptional - everyone was so good. Michelle Lane, Kate Monster, Lucy the Slut and Co-Director, was a stand out. She is a...continued

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Review from Sam
20 events 15 reviews

The production was a great fit for the theatre. Great job by all! A definite must see.

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Rhea D.
Review from Rhea D.
20 events 15 reviews

Up close to the puppets and puppeteers in this small theatre. Play is original, fun and uplifting. Very enjoyable.

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Review from Elani
71 events 14 reviews

After circling the block for 30 minutes looking for a parking space, and arriving 7 minutes after show start, we arrived to find they do not do late seating. They offered to seat us at intermission 45 minutes later with sparse separate seats in...continued

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Susan Zucker
Review from Susan Zucker
38 events 14 reviews

We loved the show but because of the location (four stars instead of five) of our seats (totally random) we could not see stage right. We reported it and hope they have fixed the problem.

The show itself is awesome! Get a ticket and go. They...continued

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Review from Kathy
37 events 13 reviews

Fun evening. The cast was amazing and play truly enjoyable.

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