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Leslie Duong
Review from Leslie Duong
37 events 9 reviews

Great musical and the performers were fabulous!

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Richard Dixson
Review from Richard Dixson
13 events 9 reviews

Great show!! I have always wanted to see the show that beat out Wicked for the Best Musical Tony. Theatre is a bit hard to find, you will drive right past it. I paid $7 bucks for parking around the corner. Small intimate theatre, tiered...continued

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Philippe Martinez
Review from Philippe Martinez
28 events 9 reviews

Hilarious! Such a good show. Yes, it's a black box theatre with no decor and the puppet look different than on Broadway, but the band and the actors are fantastic! They more than make up for it. The audience is fun and rowdy. And gee... you can't...continued

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Daniel Koh
Review from Daniel Koh
42 events 9 reviews

Performances were absolutely stellar. The two leads (Princeton/Rod and Kate/Lucy) in particular were astonishingly good and effortlessly versatile, but the whole cast sang and acted incredibly well - a very tight and well-coordinated...continued

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Robbie McGraw
Review from Robbie McGraw
79 events 9 reviews

Super fun!

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Review from imonelau
31 events 9 reviews

Very funny! Wished the seats were raised by row so i didn't have to stretch my neck so much, but it was hilarious and fun!!!

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Review from Frances
10 events 9 reviews

We laughed til we cried! I want to see it again. The cupcake is a wonderful venue and I'll be back for Little Shop of Horrors!

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Review from Danny
46 events 8 reviews

Def need to see this production! It was an incredible evening!!! Thanks for the laughs and all the fun! Kudos to the Cupcake!!

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Rona Malin Reeves
Review from Rona Malin Reeves
13 events 8 reviews

I’ve seen Avenue Q 3 times and still love it. I went with a friend who never saw it so I was excited for her. She loved it.

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Rona Malin Reeves
Review from Rona Malin Reeves
13 events 8 reviews

My daughter and I went and absolutely loved it. We've already been 4 times before - 3 times at the cupcake theater. Each time has been hysterical- always different with different cast members. The theater is a perfect size so you can see from...continued

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Rona Malin Reeves
Review from Rona Malin Reeves
13 events 8 reviews

The Cupcake Theater is a very small venue. My daughter, granddaughter and I have seen Avenue Q twice before and couldn't imagine how they would perform on that small stage. We were amazed. It was the best production. It was close and intimate...continued

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Tonnie Fong
Review from Tonnie Fong
23 events 8 reviews

The quality of the performance is excellent and well deserving of the standing ovation. We saw this musical at the Music Center years ago and wanted to see it in a more intimate venue. We were not disappointed & enjoyed the more current events...continued

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Michael T.
Review from Michael T.
51 events 8 reviews

We attended the show last Friday night and really enjoyed our experience .

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Review from ndbtdr
9 events 7 reviews

Ave Q was a great show. A good story. Lots of laughs. Lots of seat-dancing to the music. The actors did a great job and the theater, being so small, made it very personal.

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Ronald Russell
Review from Ronald Russell
62 events 7 reviews

Exceptional production. Broadway quality talent and direction.

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Sherry Dean
Review from Sherry Dean
22 events 7 reviews

Great cast. Fun show.

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Judy H.
Review from Judy H.
9 events 7 reviews

Great cast! All of the characters were clearly defined. Powerful, relevant theater. Bravo!

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Carla Cunanan
Review from Carla Cunanan
23 events 7 reviews

Great show and performance was amazing. Such talent!! Loved it and will see it again:)

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Edward Maldonado
Review from Edward Maldonado
18 events 7 reviews

I go to shows at every major play house around, the cupcake theater is an absolutely amazing theater. This is the second show I've been to and it keeps getting better. I will see every show this theater performs; the cast is always amazing and the...continued

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Connie Wood
Review from Connie Wood
45 events 7 reviews

I loved the show both times I've seen it, even with different actors. But, there was some issues with two of the leads' mic that distracted from the sound quality the second time. It is very important to be able to hear all the words.

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