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John Kreiss
Review from John Kreiss
36 events 6 reviews

The show was enjoyable...but would have been more-so had the venue not opened early without the air conditioning turned on...and then the performance started 15 minutes late. This left a tightly packed house of hot human bodies adding to the...continued

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Marilyn Bencar
Review from Marilyn Bencar
16 events 6 reviews

There were some really talented young performers in that show.

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Sleepy Nina
Review from Sleepy Nina
13 events 6 reviews

Very entertaining, with lots of energy and felt like an exclusive personal venue.

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Review from Erik
37 events 6 reviews

Very lively and entertaining. A performance I would have expected on Broadway.

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Katie O'Brien
Review from Katie O'Brien
22 events 6 reviews

When I first walked into this tiny theater I was thinking to myself " How are they gonna do this in this space?" But they blew me away! The actors were so talented! The play was hilarious and I had a great time!

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Tanya Chorin
Review from Tanya Chorin
27 events 5 reviews

A very talented group!
We laughed , naughty puppets indeed!

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Review from wwh3@me.com
12 events 5 reviews

Great show! Have seen the broadway version and its amazing how this compared even with a stripped down (and tiny!) set. Well done!

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Jordan Padams
Review from Jordan Padams
15 events 5 reviews

Great times. The small theater made it a very cool experience. I've had friends who saw Avenue Q on Broadway and Pantages and said seeing it here definitely different because the stage was so small and the sets were very simple, but very unique...continued

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Review from Venice
23 events 5 reviews

I originally saw this play at the Ahmanson and have to say, I liked it much more seeing it at the Cupcake Theater. The performers were fabulous and being a small intimate theater, you had a great view no matter where you were seated. The...continued

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Review from bkbush
70 events 5 reviews

It was a perfect date experince. The theater was small but the cast was Mighty!!!

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Doc still cares
Review from Doc still cares
18 events 5 reviews

Just a great production with a talented cast of actor/singer/puppeteers! Small confines of theater a great treat, with the three piece live band not overpowering. How about a Playbill or similar please? Definitely THUMBS UP for the Cupcake...continued

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Rosen Family
Review from Rosen Family
21 events 5 reviews

Loved it. Lot’s of fun with a super talented cast!

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Arlene Rogers
Review from Arlene Rogers
8 events 5 reviews

My favorite kind of theatre experience in a small, intimate theatre. Sat in front row, wich is great for viewing the wonderful Avenue Q. Look forward to going to many more offerings in this theatre....very well done, thanks.

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Review from nunya_bidness
27 events 5 reviews

Other than the mic going in and out, this was a very entertaining show. The best thing I've seen through Goldstar yet. Get there early as the seating is open and a line started forming well before show time. We opted to sit in the back where there...continued

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Review from Bagbalm
21 events 5 reviews

The score is wonderful and the singers are delightful to listen to!
The band did a great job as well.

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Review from ShiraTaliaAriel
15 events 5 reviews

This was one of the best shows we've seen. Really engaging and well-performed. Every single actor had a terrific voice and was great in their role. I would highly recommend this show.

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Review from Diane
16 events 5 reviews

Wonderful actors, puppets, songs, music, stage set, theme, and entire performance. The best play I’ve seen in a long time.

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debbie abeles
Review from debbie abeles
10 events 4 reviews

Awesome! Super funny! Totally enjoyed the experience. Theater was adorable and perfect for the show!

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Judy perlman
Review from Judy perlman
11 events 4 reviews

Creative, funny, relevant. Nicely done.

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Steven Rouse
Review from Steven Rouse
19 events 4 reviews

Everything we've ever seen at Cupcake has been incredible. We're really looking forward to Urinetown.

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