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Rony M
Review from Rony M
46 events 33 reviews

Second time going and they surprised me again. These guys are so talented. 100% recommended.

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Rony M
Review from Rony M
46 events 33 reviews

These guys always bring so much energy. This is my fifth time going to see this show, and I enjoy it.

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Rony M
Review from Rony M
46 events 33 reviews

What a great performance. I liked the energy of both teams. I will definitely come back to see it. I was surprised on how good these guys are at improvising.

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Florence Silverstein
Review from Florence Silverstein
24 events 17 reviews

The show was very funny and entertaining. This is quite different to the comedy shows I have seen. and is original.

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Review from Shawn
111 events 15 reviews

Lots of energy from the comedians. However, the "referee" was talking so fast that it was almost impossible at times to understand the concept of the next "game," and the jokes were lost. All in all, it's a good show...and one that definitely...continued

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Review from tom
25 events 13 reviews

Saw the show last night, mother's day, and had a blast! Cast is awesome and energetic. Along the lines of 'Who's Line is it Anyway' they were all fantastic at improvising. Lots of audience participation, lot's of laughing. For the cost here at GS...continued

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Review from DALLASfunster
130 events 9 reviews

I went with 2 friends who had been before and we had a great time! It is very fast paced and fun. The improv is structured around games much with 2 teams of 3 actors competing against each other. Suggestions from the audience are solicited and...continued

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Allen Medenilla
Review from Allen Medenilla
20 events 9 reviews

This is probably my third time checking out this group and off course, they knock it out of the park. I only gave it a 4 star is because a 10pm showing is fairly late and I already notice how tired the actors were. Plus, it was a much smaller...continued

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Corina Crawford
Review from Corina Crawford
53 events 7 reviews

It’s interactive and a great idea for all ages. There were a couple kids attending as well. The comedians were funny overall, some more than others. We left smiling and had fun. For the price of a movie ticket, you can do something a little...continued

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Richard Brill
Review from Richard Brill
16 events 6 reviews

A lot of fun with the improvisation. They were very adept. Lively and you didn't notice the time go by.

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Elisabeth Sandler
Review from Elisabeth Sandler
20 events 6 reviews

Absolutely wonderful. They were funny, energetic and brilliant. Adults and kids had a fabulous time. Will definitely go again.

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Elisabeth Sandler
Review from Elisabeth Sandler
20 events 6 reviews

Once again we enjoyed the humor, energy and all around great time with the Comedy Sportz teams. Thank you for wonderful evening.

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Review from Thomas
25 events 4 reviews

Energetic, fun, funny and inclusive! We would go back and see it again!

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Goldstar Member
Review from Goldstar Member
8 events 3 reviews

Constant laughs, great intimate atmosphere and fun times!

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Mirna Marin
Review from Mirna Marin
33 events 3 reviews

So much fun! There was no dull moment. I attended with my fourteen year old daughter. We had a blast!

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Audra Gustafson
Review from Audra Gustafson
5 events 1 review

Fantastic show! Always funny. Comedy Sportz is a must for everyone that loves to laugh.

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Carrie Elwin
Review from Carrie Elwin
2 events 1 review

I’ve seen comedy sportz at the high school level, and down in San Diego, but this cast was by far the funniest and most creative and enjoyable. Great energy

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Review from MRGF
16 events 1 review

This event was canceled by the vendor.

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Michelle VanNoord
Review from Michelle VanNoord
15 events 1 review

We had a great time. Clean, funny entertainment!

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