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Review from Moira
Red Velvet 206 events 166 reviews

Excellent show! Talented cast, great writing and intense subject matter. Very well done production.

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Roxanne Yahner
Review from Roxanne Yahner
Red Velvet 299 events 133 reviews

Usually my husband and I cannot stop commenting all the way home after seeing theater. This time, we were silent, absorbing the enormity of what we had just witnessed and holding a sacred space for the real inmates who have endured what the play...continued

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Rodney Lackey
Review from Rodney Lackey
363 events 178 reviews

Very powerful and intense. Outstanding acting

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Bob Jackson
Review from Bob Jackson
199 events 92 reviews

An outstanding production. Well acted and gripping from start to finish.

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Review from Leon
22 events 8 reviews

Death House is a really deep and thought-provoking play on a very controversial subject in our country. Great playwriting, directing, and superb acting!

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Review from lynn
41 events 5 reviews

This is a perfectly written and amazingly well executed play, a real gem. It is not only about many aspects of the death penalty, but it is also about three lives filled with love, loss, anger, and for one, unabashed compassion for those about to...continued

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Steve Nevil
Review from Steve Nevil
13 events 4 reviews

This production is quite impressive, The amazing cast, led by one of the great American actors. Sam Anderson--along with the great and formdable Chase Cargill and the exquisite and powerful Verity Branco--is alone worth venturing out in the bad...continued

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Deborah Fine
Review from Deborah Fine
1 event 1 review

I don't think I have ever been so impacted by a play. The script that the playwright created was astounding. And the actors never for a moment seemed as if they were acting.

Don't miss this!

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