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Review from Moira
Red Velvet 206 events 166 reviews

This was a very thought provoking play. Well acted and directed. Certain members of the cast truly stood out.

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Roxanne Yahner
Review from Roxanne Yahner
Red Velvet 299 events 133 reviews

If you live in a bubble and somehow have not thought through the issue of gun ownership. this play is for you. We have friends across the political spectrum who own guns, nay LOVE guns, so very little was a surprise to us. We found the first act...continued

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Rodney Lackey
Review from Rodney Lackey
363 events 178 reviews

Very topical. Presented both sides and well acted and written

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Review from Bicoastal
106 events 75 reviews

Second act was great!

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Ellen DeEtte Tippit
Review from Ellen DeEtte Tippit
86 events 62 reviews

Really enjoyed it! Well written and timely. Actors were excellent. Venue very nice.

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Natural Lady
Review from Natural Lady
86 events 50 reviews

Interesting plot with subplots; emotional and thought provoking.

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Bob Lentz
Review from Bob Lentz
90 events 49 reviews

Dynamite cast and superb writing!

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Review from Lavenbergs
194 events 16 reviews

I thoroughly enjoyed this play. The playwright did a great job of voicing all kinds of opinions about guns and women's rights. The performers did an outstanding job. The play sparked a lively conversation between myself and my husband. Very...continued

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Jason Mayland
Review from Jason Mayland
14 events 3 reviews

A powerful, thought-provoking play.

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Marc Wanagas
Review from Marc Wanagas
25 events 3 reviews

The physical space is well done for a community theater.

Sadly, that's the only good thing about this show. The blocking was bad, Shannon was overacted, and the script...

The playwright noted in the playbill that she wrote it as an therapeutic...continued

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Alana Lidawer
Review from Alana Lidawer
3 events 1 review

I was afraid that this play would mostly be a debate about gun control, but even though the characters do debate this a lot in the play, those debates really serve to show us the relationships between the characters. The play is not so much about...continued

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Review from Catherine
2 events 1 review

Loved the experience! I always like to check out live performances in LA and sometimes I forget Los Angeles has a pretty expansive theater scene. It was a treat to diverge from my normal comedy shows to see a play with a rather heavy and...continued

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