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Review from amaryllis
Red Velvet 104 events 71 reviews

Marmo has such a great handle on Lenny Bruce. Watching the performance, I felt like I got who the man was, and what he was about. It definitely helped enhance my already high appreciation of the groundbreaking crusader that LB was -- a warrior, in...continued

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David Newman
Review from David Newman
Red Velvet 102 events 38 reviews

This one-man show is absolutely worth seeing, especially for Ronnie Marmo's committed embodiment of Bruce. The piece could easily benefit from an additional 10 minutes or so, providing a stronger sampling of Lenny's comedy routines, showing that...continued

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Martin Zimmerman
Review from Martin Zimmerman
193 events 111 reviews

It appears I'm in the minority, but I was not at all impressed by this show or performance. The laugh lines were obvious, but strained and corny. The pathos was melodramatic and unmoving. The treatment of the character was superficial and...continued

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Review from JMJr
145 events 92 reviews

It's a difficult task to reduce a person's life to a 70 minute monologue especially when that person is as iconic as Lenny Bruce. While the show can only offer a cursory overview of Mr. Bruce's time on earth the performance by Ronnie Marmo is...continued

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Bill R
Review from Bill R
82 events 79 reviews

Incredible. Brilliant.

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theater goer
Review from theater goer
118 events 73 reviews

An extremely impressive performance. I was not a fan of Lenny Bruce so was hesitant to go. I'm so glad a friend changed my mind and I got tickets because Ronnie Marmo knocked it out of the ballpark!

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Mister Mitch
Review from Mister Mitch
109 events 56 reviews

I really enjoyed the performance from beginning to end. The actor was excellent all the way through this 75 minute one-man performance, from the nude beginning to end.

I knew alot about Bruce and the challenges he had as a performer, but didn't...continued

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Steve Weinhouse
Review from Steve Weinhouse
53 events 28 reviews

Ronnie Marmo (who portrays Bruce in the show) and I have something in common; a man crush on Lenny Bruce. I've harbored mine for more than a quarter century. However, he is an actor and I am a comic, which makes the basis of our crushing very...continued

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Sarah Bellum
Review from Sarah Bellum
369 events 25 reviews

Clearly a labor of love. This portrayal was great. Anyone who doesn't know the trials and tribulations of Lenny Bruce will come away understanding that he was crucified for using words now considered tame in today's casual vernacular. Actor...continued

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Debba Rofheart
Review from Debba Rofheart
28 events 14 reviews

A tour de force performance. Heartbreaking, mesmerizing, and hilarious, too. Bravo!

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Deborah Kaye
Review from Deborah Kaye
58 events 14 reviews

It was a wonderful performance -- well-acted and well-directed. It exceeded my expectations.

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Red Deb
Review from Red Deb
46 events 12 reviews

This was a brilliant performance piece. The best theater I have seen in a very long time

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Jeffrey Miller
Review from Jeffrey Miller
26 events 10 reviews

Mostly captivating but with some periods that didn't hold my attention. Interesting character. Difficult life.

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Marcia Schor
Review from Marcia Schor
13 events 9 reviews

Very nice and comfortable small theatre. Can see from any seat. Thoroughly enjoyed the play. Ronnie Marmo was excellent. I encourage everyone to see this.

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Suzan Allbritton
Review from Suzan Allbritton
39 events 8 reviews

First Rate

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Jonathan Kelley
Review from Jonathan Kelley
17 events 7 reviews

Mr. Marmo has created a succinct, arresting stage play, a gripping eye-opener about an American icon, which he performs flawlessly. So unusual in so much of today's live theater, un-miked to boot, he delivers every word with crystal clarity, at...continued

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Review from lamhahn
73 events 6 reviews

The acting in this one man show was phenomenal! The play needed more historical context (maybe, at least, in the playbill) to help the audience understand the full import of Lenny Bruce in his day.

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Sandy Matthews Goldman
Review from Sandy Matthews Goldman
10 events 3 reviews


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Ellen Levine
Review from Ellen Levine
7 events 2 reviews

Great performance! A do not miss!

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Ken Goldstein
Review from Ken Goldstein
2 events 1 review

Ronnie Marmo is a spectacular Lenny Bruce. He understands the character, looks like him, sounds like him, and he is a great fit as an actor. If you are unfamiliar with Lenny and his work, this one man show is an excellent introduction and you will...continued

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