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Austin Nation
Review from Austin Nation
Red Velvet 803 events 689 reviews

It was pretty good show....clearly not one of my favorite ones at this venue (their last few shows were stellar). I was wondering how they were going to do this show on such a small stage, but it turned out okay. A few standout...continued

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Robert B.
Review from Robert B.
Red Velvet 172 events 132 reviews

great acting, nice costuming. Great Voices.

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Jim McCarthy
Review from Jim McCarthy
Red Velvet 235 events 66 reviews

Great production!

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Review from Voldenuit
Red Velvet 41 events 18 reviews

Seats were pretty uncomfortable butt other than that the cast, singing, acting were superb! Witch and Little Red Riding-hood were two of my favorites! Don’t miss this!

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Carl Fliegelman
Review from Carl Fliegelman
Red Velvet 34 events 17 reviews

a great evening

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Michael S.
Review from Michael S.
Red Velvet 36 events 13 reviews

Wow! What an incredible set of performances all meshing together. Great acting, great voices. Sondheim would have really been pleased if he was at the same performance I was. Great night at the theater.

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Caren Montgomery
Review from Caren Montgomery
Red Velvet 18 events 3 reviews

Awesome time! I laughed the whole way through! Definitely recommend anyone to go see this play!!!

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Candy Man Dan
Review from Candy Man Dan
115 events 68 reviews

This is a must see show, My hats off to the Little Red Riding Hood, who stepped in for a sick actor, what a great performance! I must see it again, there is so much going on with all of these talented people. The theater is just great, fresh...continued

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Jan Brown
Review from Jan Brown
82 events 36 reviews

Certainly us an enthusiastic bunch - a big cast, all very good voices, a fun staging. But, it's a tad long, and Sondheim's music can be repetitive and get a little boring. Hard, uncomfortable chairs, and a packed house which makes it hard to see...continued

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Julie Glass
Review from Julie Glass
56 events 29 reviews

BLOWN AWAY! This was the best show I’ve seen all year at any theatre.

My friends and I are admittedly Musical Theater nerds. We took a group trip out to the Cupcake, because we always love their stuff, but we were a bit apprehensive about this...continued

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Review from dave@wirthwhilemusic.com
100 events 27 reviews

really fun, with an excellent cast. tonally worth seeing!

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MaryAnn Rosenberg
Review from MaryAnn Rosenberg
61 events 18 reviews

I have not seen anything this good (and we go to the theater often) since we saw The Book of Mormons at the Pantages. Theater. What talent. It was wonderful. I would go back to see it again. This cast belongs on Broadway or at the Dorothy...continued

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Diane P. Levine
Review from Diane P. Levine
22 events 16 reviews

Broadway quality singing and acting in a neighborhood theater. It was delightful to be up close to such excellent performers at such a great performance. I saw this play last year at the Ahmanson and this production was just as good. (Of course...continued

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Review from Strivegan
89 events 16 reviews

Into the Woods has been around for 30 years, and most productions have a similar essence to the characters.

[Mild spoilers ahead.]

We got to see the show during preview weekend and the Cupcake production gives us a fresh, contemporary, and...continued

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Rony M
Review from Rony M
25 events 16 reviews

One of the best shows I ever seen. The Witch, Baker’s wife, and the Red Rinding Hood were amazing. 100% recommended. There are two complaints. First, the guy who played Jack was too old. I was expecting to see a young child. Second, the show was...continued

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Review from Mycbtguy
58 events 15 reviews

Cast was outstanding. The story is clever. The score is decidedly forgettable but the cast and production team are certainly not to blame for that. The band was also excellent. Nice intimate venue but come early to find parking which is quite...continued

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Review from Sam
18 events 14 reviews

Great Show and great cast. The talent on this show was incredible, the singing on point and the crew was top notch. The production was good, but be prepared to for a long production (3hrs with intermission break). Overall, the Cupcake Theater...continued

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Review from Keri
41 events 14 reviews

My husband and I were two of 13 people who were late due to extreme parking issues because of being St. Patrick's Day crowds. They closed the doors at EXACTLY 7:00 pm and would not allow anyone to enter. Some people had driven 1 hour to attend...continued

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Review from twinglemom
54 events 10 reviews

I love Cupcake Theater!!

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Michael S.
Review from Michael S.
115 events 9 reviews

Always great shows at the Cupcake!!!! This place should be called "Broadway on Magnolia"

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