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Daniel P Faigin
Review from Daniel P Faigin
Red Velvet 186 events 106 reviews

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I have a confession to make. Until yesterday, I had never seen Mamma Mia: The Musical. Really never seen: neither the stage production nor the ubiquitous movie...continued

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Review from Bobby
Red Velvet 145 events 39 reviews

Amazing super fun show, highly recommended!! Superb cast. One of the most enjoyable musicals I have seen in years.

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Geralyn M.
Review from Geralyn M.
274 events 192 reviews

Cupcake always delivers!!! Great production. Great talent. Great venue. U will definitely enjoy this show!!!

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Rhoda B Pell
Review from Rhoda B Pell
529 events 102 reviews

The while audience was up dancing and singing at the end.fabulous experience!

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Brad R
Review from Brad R
156 events 95 reviews

Better than the movie and just a blast! Cupcake brings out the best in their cast, especially for this production.

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Review from Sev
212 events 89 reviews

Another great show at Cupcake Theater! You can really feel the love that goes into making each and every production.

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Rachel Smith
Review from Rachel Smith
175 events 80 reviews

Wonderful Production! Great performances, staging and sets . . . ???

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Candy Man Dan
Review from Candy Man Dan
127 events 75 reviews

I would like to rate this performance with 8 stars if it were possible! I have been to a lot of shows & I never have seen such enthusiasm from all the cast members! I can't say enough for the music talent, lighting & sound, wonderful people who go...continued

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Robert F.
Review from Robert F.
70 events 63 reviews

Great version of Mamma Mia at the Cupcake theatre. If you are looking for something fun and entertaining it hits the mark. The positives - enthusiastic performers, some great vocals, clever adaptation of story, live music, tiered seating. ...continued

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Joyce G.
Review from Joyce G.
136 events 44 reviews

Great cast and staging. A wonderful production that leaves the audience standing and cheering at the end.

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Review from Carol
237 events 44 reviews

Great show! The cast was incredible and the so was the music. Hard to go wrong with ABBA.

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Review from tRaCy
75 events 24 reviews

May be a small theater...but a BIG PERFORMANCE.....bravo to all associated! :)

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Review from FH
93 events 22 reviews

Some wonderful performances by the adult leads are given a great disservice by the awful production values in costumes, props and scenic elements. Add to that the inability to hear any of the back up vocals from backstage, the very uneven sound of...continued

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Review from graciano-buchman
36 events 21 reviews

Excellent production that would cheer anyone despite cold rain, and the Rams loss.
The show comes very much alive not only for the superb job of the cast but with their final act encouraging audiente participation. Lots of applause, singing and...continued

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Ghia Alba
Review from Ghia Alba
109 events 19 reviews

Entertaining from the beginning to the end!

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Michael S.
Review from Michael S.
166 events 18 reviews

Another 5 STAR performance at the Cupcake Theater. Michael Pettenato has this theater always performing in Broadway style theatre. Fantastic band and the actors are always the best not only here in Ca. But I can see most of them on a Broadway...continued

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Review from Marlene
42 events 18 reviews

I have seen Mama Mia many times at different playhouses and I must tell you I enjoyed it Saturday more than any of the other times I've seen it. It's always wonderful, but this time was over the top. A few of the performers should be on...continued

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Insiya Kaderbhai
Review from Insiya Kaderbhai
28 events 15 reviews

Who doesn't love a bit of Mamma Mia!!

Great production...lovely set...thoroughly enjoyed....just a bit long!

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Marian Klausner
Review from Marian Klausner
37 events 15 reviews

Wow wow wow So much fun and the cast was full of energy We had the best time

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Review from Jan
43 events 14 reviews

Amazing! Superbly talented cast. Fun from start to finish.

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