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Review from mfaugnos
118 events 59 reviews

What a Perfect Production-- Brilliant acting and surprisingly modern
Bravo!!! We were Wilde about it!!

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Review from catsuit
92 events 39 reviews

I haven't seen Earnest in years and still love a lot about it. Non-stop witticisms, broad characters, a clever plot, "a handbaaag???" are all there.

However, I now find the play isvery wordy and too long. The cast does a great job with all...continued

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Review from Rob
88 events 29 reviews

Really terrific! I’ve seen a couple other shows at CCT; all have been outstanding. In Earnest, the pacing was just right. Lady Bracknell was quite convincing; Miss Prism delightfully stole every scene she was in.

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Ruth Lee
Review from Ruth Lee
37 events 19 reviews

Great show, the acting was fabulous. Would definitely recommend it.

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The Patrons
Review from The Patrons
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Review from Amy
53 events 8 reviews

This place has everything - Great venue, terrific actors, reasonable concessions, and street parking nearby.

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John Lewis
Review from John Lewis
8 events 4 reviews

One of the best things about living in LA is productions like this. Very well done. Every actor in this production did an excellent job with a brilliantly written part.

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Laura Kirakosian
Review from Laura Kirakosian
157 events 3 reviews

Great play with great energy. Absolutely enjoyed it

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Purnima Thakran
Review from Purnima Thakran
28 events 3 reviews

Hilarious performance particularly the male actor playing Aunt Augusta.

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Sammie Alvarado
Review from Sammie Alvarado
85 events 3 reviews

The acting was incredible-amazing dialogue delivered perfectly. Costumes were on point as well. Highly recommended.

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Ann Forman Marenburg
Review from Ann Forman Marenburg
19 events 3 reviews

The actors were very enjoyable! They really worked hard all night!!

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Edward Ornelas
Review from Edward Ornelas
8 events 3 reviews

What a great production! Loved the actors and the comfortable environment they provided.

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Jane Dutfield
Review from Jane Dutfield
10 events 2 reviews

Acting was great a very enjoyable night out in a nice little theater.

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Alice Rochlin
Review from Alice Rochlin
3 events 2 reviews

Fabulous acting! A performance!

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Tessa Villegas
Review from Tessa Villegas
8 events 2 reviews

Loved it! This was my second time watching the play. The last time was only about 4 weeks ago. The actors are very very good and makes you fall in love with all the characters. Everyone. Was. Very. Very. Good.

This is such a must see and I’m so...continued

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Stephen Rosen
Review from Stephen Rosen
46 events 1 review

Dull, Boring, we left after 2nd Act.

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B Chan
Review from B Chan
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Every aspect of this performance was phenomenal! The characters were brought to life with extraordinary expression, and every moment of this performance was a delight.

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John Steeber
Review from John Steeber
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For a small theater's production of this play, you couldnt have asked for more out of simple set to convey the mood, capture the setting and take you back in time.

The cast did an excellent job in their portayals... I would even say that the...continued

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Alexander Bordbar
Review from Alexander Bordbar
4 events 1 review

Good acting. The show is worth it.
I enjoyed it all a lot and it became more exciting in the second 1/2 definitely but it was all good. This is a classic and very good screen play (it's the original from Oscar's 1894 manuscript no script...continued

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Reynaldo Alonso
Review from Reynaldo Alonso
2 events 1 review

Great acting. nice cozy venue. loved it

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