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Kenn Schmidt
Review from Kenn Schmidt
113 events 85 reviews

The set and costumes were great (except for the fact that it made no sense that the fireplace was UC with all the furniture facing AWAY from it). There was a LOT of exposition in the first act, so it was hard to follow (but that’s not unusual for...continued

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Eileen M.
Review from Eileen M.
147 events 52 reviews

Show is over, but this little theater company is now the company that could. The acting was great and the set was amazing. Hope in the future people will check out this theater, a real value especially on Goldstar.

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Ruth Lee
Review from Ruth Lee
37 events 20 reviews

An enjoyable afternoon. The cast was spot on. I would definitely recommend seeing this.
everyone was wonderful

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Review from oneeyecatcher
96 events 18 reviews

Did an Excellent Job of putting Agtha Christie's story onto stage. Although the theatre is small, the production is large and well done. Lonny Chapman company does it again.

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Florence Silverstein
Review from Florence Silverstein
20 events 14 reviews

The acting was really good and suspenseful. There was also some humor.

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Edward Ornelas
Review from Edward Ornelas
19 events 8 reviews

I loved this production. It was my first play that had a Murder mystery plot and had a very enjoyable time.

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Alexis Dorn
Review from Alexis Dorn
8 events 1 review

The cast and crew did a great job and the play itself was very entertaining. Being an Agatha Christie play, it's a bit slow, and the audience consists of mostly senior citizens who enjoy talking/snoring through the production. The theater itself...continued

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Lisa Lebowski
Review from Lisa Lebowski
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The parking situation nearly made us leave before it even started. We just could not find parking. Got in at the last second. Play moved very slowly hard to understand the annunciation. And difficult to follow some of the storyline. Costumes were...continued

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