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Gordon B.
Review from Gordon B.
125 events 56 reviews

A lot of fun. Very creative. The wittier depictions or scenarios were the best as the horror was imbued with humor.

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Matthew McLean
Review from Matthew McLean
84 events 48 reviews

LOVED this. I am a fan of dark, terror/horror/thriller stuff, and while this was mild in comparison to a lot of movies I have seen, it was brilliantly done. Hats off to the entire cast, crew and everyone involved.

More modern dance than a...continued

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Matthew McLean
Review from Matthew McLean
84 events 48 reviews

See my previous review. (I went twice!)

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Review from FortySomethingMonkey
62 events 44 reviews

This is awesome!! I got tickets despite not really understanding what exactly this show was...and I'm glad the reviews didn't explain more. Don't research this - just go see it. The show is 1 hour and I can guarantee you've not seen anything like...continued

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mary ann van de car
Review from mary ann van de car
55 events 43 reviews

I attended this theatre experience thoroughly expecting to be shocked, titillated and appalled. I was not disappointed. My friend Darsan Solomon loves horror genre and I let him take the lead through the maze (and also shield me from direct...continued

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mary ann van de car
Review from mary ann van de car
55 events 43 reviews

I have been to Zombie Joe's Urban Death Tour of Terror with my boyfriend in the past and it never fails to titillate, astound, frighten and create pure terror every time. Bravo! the cast works with super resillience and speed to do costume...continued

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Kristie Shanahan
Review from Kristie Shanahan
190 events 42 reviews

one of my favorite Halloween events. Waaaaayyyyy to short but I still love it.

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Review from Tom
44 events 36 reviews

This was some good, twisted fun. Several dozen vignettes depicting all manner of death, gore, shock, dread -- performed with glee by a brave cast unafraid to go to some dark places. I enjoyed this ghoulish variety show in the way it was intended:...continued

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Review from Lucy
70 events 30 reviews

Gory, creepy, artsy, clever, horrifying, campy, funny! NOT a first date kinda show (the skits are enough to trigger paranoia in anyone's mind!), but definitely for those of us with a dark side. Every actor was awesome - the group really knew how...continued

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Michael O'Connor
Review from Michael O'Connor
124 events 30 reviews

Had a wild time, total Halloween experience. Zombie joe ‘s crew have gone all out to make this as creepy as creepy can be.

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Review from shawn
90 events 27 reviews

Definitely something I wasnt ready for ... didnt know what to expect but I was a very graphic, creative, well put together show Ive been to for years !!! Id probably see it again.

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Review from shawn
90 events 27 reviews

Every year this production comes out with unique performances ... love it

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Review from Patricia
46 events 25 reviews

A very "different" type of performance. Not for the faint of heart. Some of the skits were very creepy . Others totally missed the mark. Don't go if your offended by nudity or violence.

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Review from tRaCy
67 events 23 reviews

Wasn't really sure WHAT to expect....however...given the space that they had to work with....it was FAB! different...creative ..spooky....and a great lil 'find'! Hats off to see live theater done as good as it gets in LA!

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Diana Casillas
Review from Diana Casillas
48 events 22 reviews

Any Zombie-lover's wet dream. Lots of blood, nudity, groping, and moaning in a series of mini-skits.

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Michael Pettenato
Review from Michael Pettenato
33 events 21 reviews

I'll definitely be back next year!

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Review from CandyCoatedStrychnine
80 events 21 reviews

super dark, super minimal, very mind blowing and chilling. Amazing!! However, not for everyone as it depicts very quick, twisted mayhem, psychopathic tendancies and death.
The lighting and score added to the intensity of the production....continued

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Irene Tang
Review from Irene Tang
24 events 19 reviews

Fun way to spend part of the evening! Short presentation had very creepy/scarey, as well as funny moments. We were entertained the entire time, and could not believe we were watching actors on stage, and not the demented souls they were...continued

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Review from xwsemperfi
48 events 19 reviews

It is like experiencing "Left 4 Dead" in person. Definitly sit in the front row for the best experience.

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Review from Jonathan
25 events 17 reviews

Different and original! Fun experience!

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