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Review from eihl
23 events 17 reviews

I was going to give it 4 star as the performance was top-notch and I was entertained for the most part. I was just not a big fan of the loud screaming (they were mostly unnecessary).
I am still confused why the title of the show is Urban Death...continued

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Daisy Garcia Plascencia
Review from Daisy Garcia Plascencia
51 events 16 reviews

Creative, Imaginative and Scary!!

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61 events 16 reviews

I thought the actors did a great job, but after reading all the great reviews, I just didn't think it was scary at all. Some of the scenes didn't even belong with the theme, they were obviously just for shock value. It was an interesting concept...continued

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Review from GoldstarUser
48 events 15 reviews

I'm not the biggest fan of the Grand Guignol (i.e., bloody/funny/gross-out theater), but this company's approach to a Halloween show was a refreshing change. In fact, it's the first time in years that I've seen a theater piece that felt different...continued

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Review from Strawberryseeds97
28 events 14 reviews

Am I the only negative review? After reading all of the awesome reviews, I had to get tix to see this. Unfortunately, I probably set my expectations too high and my friends and I were extremely disappointed. It was just not scary enough and not...continued

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Aletha Harven
Review from Aletha Harven
24 events 14 reviews

Interesting & funny! My boyfriend and I really enjoyed the show.

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Review from JoJo
50 events 14 reviews

Random scenes of scariness. I think if there was a storyline I would enjoyed this show a bit more. Really short - 45 min.

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Peter Carman
Review from Peter Carman
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Goldstar Member
Review from Goldstar Member
15 events 13 reviews

The best show I have seen this year. As acted out in montage segments, the production was scary, darkly humorous, creative, thought provoking and engrossing. While the theater itself is smallish and sparse, it is a testament to the talent of the...continued

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Review from Cynthia
50 events 12 reviews

This was one of the scariest experiences and worth seeing! I won't give any details away. It was seriously one of the best Halloween attractions we've attended to date (scarier than the mazes at Univ. Studios or Queen Mary)

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Ben Querubin
Review from Ben Querubin
24 events 10 reviews

It was absolutely a scary and disturbing experience! Me and my friends were terrified and shocked on what we witnessed on this show. I highly recommended it definitely I will come back!

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Review from Bobbi
40 events 10 reviews

it was the best play with special effects I have ever been to.

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Edwin Graciano
Review from Edwin Graciano
32 events 10 reviews

This is more of an experience more than anything else. Its a community theater type play. Using 30second to 1 minute skits to explore what fear really means. Everything works in harmony. Go with an open mind and let go of reality. Great event...continued

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Michael Sonye
Review from Michael Sonye
24 events 10 reviews

Urban Death is not for the timid,the conservatives or those not fond of the abstract. In the simplest terms if you are afraid of the dark this 70 minute excursion into pop culture and the bloody Grand Guignol Theater Of Paris will invade your...continued

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Michael Sonye
Review from Michael Sonye
24 events 10 reviews

Urban Death at Zombie Joe's Underground Theater is not for everyone but in a time saturated with complacency and middle of the road eye candy spectactulars it's good to know some bravery still exists to knock the socks off the curious and the...continued

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Rosemary AO
Review from Rosemary AO
18 events 9 reviews

Being drawn by all things dark and macabre, I anticipated the trip to Los Angeles from San Diego to see this show. Once we arrived, it was somewhat disappointing to know that it was only one-hour long (with no intermission). The theatre is a small...continued

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Daisy Carganillo
Review from Daisy Carganillo
47 events 9 reviews

This will blow your MIND AWAY!!

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Dawn Wohlt-Fagan
Review from Dawn Wohlt-Fagan
46 events 8 reviews

Awesome awesome show. Soooo realistic. Cant wait to see another show

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Maria Stephany Fuimaono
Review from Maria Stephany Fuimaono
11 events 8 reviews

Awesome show! Creepy to the core. Would have liked to have a little brighter flashlight so you could really see each attraction in the maze/tour portion. In the end walking back, everyone got bundled up so wasn't as scary as the first run. The...continued

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english dave
Review from english dave
71 events 8 reviews

Bizarre, disturbing, even perverse at times. But probably one of the most unusual performances you will ever experience. Not for children or anyone with a weak heart!!!

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