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Review from mexicanradio
44 events 8 reviews

Small intimate theater, cool show.

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April Perez
Review from April Perez
18 events 7 reviews

even though we read the reviews, we weren't sure what to expect. It was, Trippy !! to say the least. It was cool seeing the scenes they showed. and the sound effects really did play a huge part in the entertainment and total overall play. I was...continued

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Chris Freeman
Review from Chris Freeman
61 events 7 reviews

Excellent and unique! Like nothing else, really. I recommend it to anyone who loves horror films and Halloweens at Knott's Scary Farm and Universal Studios.

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Marline Gonzalez
Review from Marline Gonzalez
30 events 7 reviews

The show was good. I think it would have been a little better if the cast would have incorporated a few interactions with the audience kind of what we experience at Knott's Scary Farm or Universal Studios Horror Night. I think that would have...continued

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Ms. Munster
Review from Ms. Munster
26 events 7 reviews

This play is great! You spend most of the time in the dark which really starts to mess with your eyes and mind. The actors did a great job setting up each skit in the pitch black. We thoroughly enjoyed it!

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Miri Aviles
Review from Miri Aviles
29 events 7 reviews

This was a powerful, entertaining, and creative production. The imagery was awesome. I was disturbed, interested, scared, surprised, and happy throughout the show. I thought the acting was great and the show left me guessing at times. I would...continued

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Review from vic
15 events 7 reviews

Very entertaining, loved the light effects and sound.

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aimee bender
Review from aimee bender
33 events 7 reviews

WOW!!! I had no idea what to expect and this was creative art at its best! Obviously when going to see something called Urban Death you expect some blood/gore, but this performance definitely pushed the boundaries of zombie sexuality( there was a...continued

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Yael Herman
Review from Yael Herman
8 events 6 reviews

A masterpiece!!!

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Review from Pamela
18 events 6 reviews

A very different productions. The actors were just great. I was never bored and was always wondering what is next. I took my 16 year old son and 22 year old daughter, they both loved the show. A fun evening out.

I would go back and see this...continued

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Yael Herman
Review from Yael Herman
8 events 6 reviews

Best horror ever!!!

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Yael Herman
Review from Yael Herman
8 events 6 reviews

Great horror fun

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Celina Reyes
Review from Celina Reyes
40 events 6 reviews

It was not 5 star perfection, but I did "love it" so I will adhere to Goldstar's rating system. The show was as described, vignettes that reminded me of some of the scariest moments in my favorite horror movies. They did a great job creeping me...continued

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Review from shannontanner
9 events 6 reviews

Keeping in mind that this is a tiny venue with a tiny budget they did an absolutely great job. I wasnt scared at any point in time but I was riveted by the play in its entirety. Some of the vinettes were funny even though they were dealing with...continued

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Review from RokWalz
35 events 6 reviews

VERY enjoyable - lighting, makeup, space, actors...all insanely imaginative and creepy, ooky, silly, strange, weird, wild, spooky...HIGHly recommend it!

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Crystal Qualls
Review from Crystal Qualls
18 events 5 reviews

Really scary and distrubing.

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Daniel Algazi
Review from Daniel Algazi
7 events 5 reviews

This was a haunted House / Live Picture Show, not really a play but a series of Horrific Scenes. very Fun and Scary

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Sarah Arana
Review from Sarah Arana
15 events 5 reviews

Totally worth it! What an amazing show, you do not want to miss this one at all.

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Kahlil Nelson
Review from Kahlil Nelson
13 events 5 reviews

Urban death has a few misses, but the mostly hits are FANTASTIC!!! Sticking by the idea of less is more, Urban Death delivers the horror of minimal lighting and sound, but exploiting them expertly. This allows the audiences imagination to be a...continued

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Mike Kalvoda
Review from Mike Kalvoda
19 events 4 reviews

A great kickoff to our Halloween season -- and our second year attending. An intensely dedicated company of actors and artists transform their theater space into BOTH a winding flashlight-lit freak show maze AND an avant-garde horror performance....continued

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