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Review from brandicinema
4 events 4 reviews

AMAZING!!! This is the second time we have seen the show and was impressed all over again! We brought a couple friends with us this time and they loved it as well. It's dark with great parts of humor. The acting, costumes, ambiance, writing, etc....continued

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Ritzie Yap
Review from Ritzie Yap
15 events 4 reviews

Best Halloween show ever. Worth it. Go to it. Once won't be enough.

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Curtis S
Review from Curtis S
13 events 4 reviews

ENTERTAINING but beware know what your getting into, ITS AVERY SMALL theater and the content is disturbing sexual and graphic. But in all well worth the price and a good, DIFFERENT night of entertainment, The only complaint i would actually have...continued

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Marco Blue
Review from Marco Blue
14 events 4 reviews

Great Show!!! A must see!!!

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Rosa Sierra
Review from Rosa Sierra
45 events 4 reviews

It was amazing. I loved the visuals. Sometimes made me queasy, but I had a good time. I'll definitely attend again.

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Cheri Shaw
Review from Cheri Shaw
8 events 4 reviews

It was an amazing, in your face display of the macabre. There was one moment when the lights were out, they were just starting the next sketch and I could feel the breath of one of them on my neck. We had front row seats and the performance at...continued

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Sandra Nunez
Review from Sandra Nunez
9 events 4 reviews

This theatre group is amazing. It's many vignettes which occur in a blacked-out theatre room. It shows several dark and disturbing scenes, and it completely plays on your senses. Very enjoyable.

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Review from Ciaotime
15 events 4 reviews

Tiny little theater in NoHo. Not a bad seat in the house as you are right on the "stage". For this though, you want a front row seat. Quite a few minute long "scenes", some scary, some "funny" some made you think... The most incredible thing were...continued

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Review from brandicinema
4 events 4 reviews

We really enjoyed this show! It was a great portrait of all things horror. It was a bit spooky (others may be a little more spooked than I was, especially if you are afraid of the dark) and actually quite funny. I was genuinely entertained and I...continued

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Mike Kalvoda
Review from Mike Kalvoda
19 events 4 reviews

Zombie Joe's has been a Halloween season staple for us for several years running. The group ingeniously redesign their limited space to accommodate both an inventive maze AND an alternative theatrical performance. The level of commitment from the...continued

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Review from Fulips
52 events 3 reviews

A fun late-night diversion that is, at times, truly creepy.

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Review from sinadreaming
102 events 3 reviews

Amazing effort by the cast to pull this off....the quick changes alone would've exhausted me. Some innovative thinking and some tried-and-true horror themes. We had a good time and it sparked some lively post-show discussion.

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Goldstar Member
Review from Goldstar Member
3 events 3 reviews

bunch of scenes of horror (madness, lust, black comedy) in a small dark room with simple chairs. no words, blackout intermissions between scenes, i would not go unless you enjoy playing with the cat's tail. ~1hr

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Review from Fulips
52 events 3 reviews

Could have been a bit longer. Floor seating makes it hard to see all of the action unless you are in the front.

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Review from Ira
21 events 3 reviews

Hands down, the BEST HALLOWEEN ATTRACTION around! Warning: Extremely macabre and disturbing....really. This is not a typical experience where actors just jump out and scare you. You first walk through a maze with barely enough light to see a...continued

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Review from weirdobb
11 events 3 reviews

Haven't experienced anything like it. Very unique and worth the try.

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Fernando Henriquez
Review from Fernando Henriquez
25 events 3 reviews

Horrors fans wet dream! or is just me?

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Review from TeenieBopper73
89 events 3 reviews

I absolutely loved this play and would definitely go see it again. It's VERY funny, scary, entertaining, dark, disturbing, filled with surprises and laughter! Go see it, you will NOT be disappointed.

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Review from Anaid
9 events 3 reviews

I had an amazing time, the show was quite peculiar, but impressive nonetheless. The actors did an astounding job and their characters were extremely dark. This is a great event for the spooky month of October, if you are looking for something...continued

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Iggy Nicklbottum
Review from Iggy Nicklbottum
13 events 3 reviews

I love Urban Death, and their preview was amazing. I just wish the show here was as long as the preview. Haha

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