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Review from SandyC
24 events 2 reviews

This show was absolutely amazing!! I saw it twice and couldn't get enough! Truly phenomenal!

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Goldstar Member
Review from Goldstar Member
2 events 2 reviews

This was amazing. The experience is quite unique. Once walking into the room you get why (: I went to see this with my boyfriend. I got a bit scared because Im not a fan of the dark lol. There was a mix between funny and horror throughout. But...continued

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Review from twilli2
12 events 2 reviews

Very Gruesome and disturbing, not for the squeamish or conservative types at all. Also dark lewd humor. Go in with an open mind.

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Talia Fernandez
Review from Talia Fernandez
3 events 2 reviews

What an amazing and mind blowing experience! Can’t wait to go again!!!

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Review from Desiree
14 events 1 review

"Urban Death" was amazing! The show was full of gore, comedy, and it pushed the boundaries of horror. I would definitely go see it again with friends just to see their reactions! I loved the use of the intimate black box theater by the actors,...continued

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Review from Carli
21 events 1 review

Absolutely amazing! One of the most realistic horror experiences of my life. It was a little too real, but in a good way

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Review from chickabeee
18 events 1 review

awesome performance!

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X. Smith
Review from X. Smith
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Enter with an open mind. This experience was pretty unforgettable & as a LA native, I can't believe I didn't find this place sooner! Not knowing what to expect as my husband and I arrived, we were greeted by such a friendly staff and an empty...continued

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Review from Mahellahella
5 events 1 review

Exceeded my expectations!

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Review from maradaywalt
2 events 1 review

I absolutely loved this show. I've seen a lot of bad theatre in L.A., but this show completely restored my faith. It was inspired, original, and totally creepy. 47 horrific moments in about an hour -- think sketch comedy but scary. They...continued

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Review from Goldstar Member
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I bought tickets about a month ago and had been waiting for the day to come when finally I'll see what all the hype was about....Wow... This show was incredible!! My boyfriend absolutely loved it and it was probably one of the best date nights...continued

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arnold Villalobos
Review from arnold Villalobos
27 events 1 review

I can't wait to go next year again.

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Review from onelastcaress14
9 events 1 review

i didn't know what to expect but read reviews and decided to go. It was pretty awesome! You got to go see it if you like horror.

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Review from Cathy
18 events 1 review

I loved it, it was so different and unique and i highly recommend.

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Review from Vanessa
12 events 1 review

I scare easily, but this event was top notch, very much worth your time.

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Review from dulce
6 events 1 review

If you like all things Halloween you can't skip this. That said be prepared to be truly shaken. This is a master piece of horror.

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Review from Patty
20 events 1 review

It was a bit spookey at first but it was actually great all around! There were some pretty halarious moments as well which was refreshing. My husband and I will definetly go back for another event!

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Micaela Garofalo
Review from Micaela Garofalo
4 events 1 review

It was creepy and disturbing...well thought out, I would definitely recommend it to those who can handle some shocking images

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Cynthia Overa
Review from Cynthia Overa
8 events 1 review

It was like nothing i've ever seen before. Super awesome, super disgusting, left feeling a little anxious, but had a great time.

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Armen Karapetyan
Review from Armen Karapetyan
9 events 1 review

It was something very different. If you are up for an good scare + a bit of comedy, then this is the show for you. I just wish it was a little longer since the whole thing was about an hour. This show kept you on your toes!

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