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6/29 Opening Night pre-show reception tickets may be purchased/reserved by contacting Oak Park Theatre Festival directly: Tickets are $10.


Features Chris Petschler as Mark Anthony, Jason Ball as Brutus, John McFarland as Caesar, Jonathon Nichols as Casca, Jimmy Binns as Cicero, Kelly Lynn Hogan as Calpurnia, Katherine Keberlein as Portia, Vincent Scolas as Trebonius, James Dolson as Octavius, Todd Jackson as Flavius, Daniel Bakken as Decius Brutus, CJ Jullun as Marullus, Esteban Cruz as Lucius, Phil Carlin as Messala and Legaius, Kimbery Logan as Artimidorus, Murphy Turner as Metellus Cimber, Paul Perroni playing Cassius, and Andrew Yearick as Cinna and Young Cato.

Jack Hickey Artistsic Director, Robert Behr Stage Manager, Rebecca Hamlin Set Design, Jeremy Getz Lighting Design, Kyle Irwin and Cecil Averett Sound Design, JoEllen Koppenaal Costume Design.

Julius Caesar, returning victorious to Rome from foreign wars, is escorted to the Capitol by enthusiastic citizens for a public celebration. On the way, he is warned by a soothsayer to “beware the Ides of March.” At the celebration, the citizens, through Mark Antony, offer Caesar the crown. Three times he refuses. However, a group of conspirators, headed by Cassius, is disturbed by the power Caesar has gained and the idea that he might seize total power. To help their cause, the attempt to persuade Brutus, a good friend of Caesar and a man well-known for his honesty, that the welfare of Rome demands Caesar’s death.

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