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June 25 – Jim Pfitzer, “The Way I Remember It: Stories from an East Tennessee Childhood.”
Close your eyes and you can almost smell the magnolia blossoms on the breeze and feel the wooden front porch beneath your feet.

July 2 – Kim Hoag, “Wool and Mystery”
Stories told as if by the fireplace: Myth not clothed in silk or velvet, but in wool and mystery; laughter, as it comes across the fields or from the wake. Tales peopled with the pains of life as well as the beauties of yearning.

July 9 – Margaret Burk and Gerry Dignan, “Wisdom Tales Spun in Word and Song”
Margaret (storyteller) and Gerry (musician) share heartfelt, joy-filled songs and stories that lift the spirit, sooth the soul and are a whole lot of fun. Whether touching the heart or tickling the funny bone, they kindle a sense of wonder, hope and celebration.

July 16 – Linda Gorham, “Wild and Wacky Stories in the Park!”
Dynamic and exciting, Linda Gorham inspires her audiences by using movement, humor and sometimes zaniness as she tells imaginative multicultural folktales updated with attitude. Join Linda as she shares some of her wild and wacky interactive stories. Get ready to chant, get ready to move, get ready for fun!

July 30 – Megan Wells, “The Firebrid”
A magical tale with a brave Prince, a wise Princess, Trolls, Giants, and a happy ending! With a carefully crafted repertoire, Megan Wells enthralls audiences with her charismatic and loving presence. Megan returns for her third summer in the Oak Park Festival Theatre Park.

August 13 – Kucha Brownlee and Baba Tony Brown, “Jumpin’ Jambalaya!”
Kucha and Baba T weave a rich tapestry of African, African-American and Spanish folk tales, frolicking fables, proverbs and music into their programs which involve singing, learning and lots of fun.

<em>Celebrating Placido</em> <em>Spamilton</em> <em>Hedwig and the Angry Inch</em> <em>10 Out of 12</em> <em>Slapstick Sonata</em> <em>Saturday Night Fever</em>