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Patt Cheney
Review from Patt Cheney
Red Velvet 19 events 5 reviews

Fabulous production! Amazing set and technical aspects with lighting, props, projections, music, and special effects.

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Arleta Zarycki
Review from Arleta Zarycki
Red Velvet 7 events 1 review


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Review from Thomas
75 events 40 reviews

Drury Lane theater can do no wrong. I've never been disappointed in all the years I've been attending theater there. I am again amazed at the talent that this production gathered into one performance.

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Barbara Spikings
Review from Barbara Spikings
18 events 13 reviews

My group consisted of two adults and a 9 year old, 8, and 14 an myself and another grandmother. I have always loved the performances and venue, but this time not so much.

The auditorium was extremely uncomfortable. Even with her jacket and...continued

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Gina Barresi-Spalla
Review from Gina Barresi-Spalla
51 events 9 reviews

Matilda was hard to understand or hear at times.

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Review from BubbaMack
24 events 4 reviews

What a delightful funny performance. Great comedic characters! The main actress, young and brilliant, was an unexpected surprise and held her own. The children were extremely talented. The choreography was playful and energetic! Just loved it!

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Lea OBrien
Review from Lea OBrien
2 events 2 reviews

Fantastic energy and stellar performance by all!!

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Donna Atkinson
Review from Donna Atkinson
6 events 2 reviews

Fantastic talent but way too dark a show

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Annalisa Tsai
Review from Annalisa Tsai
5 events 2 reviews

It was great! Brought my 7 and 11yr old kids. My 7 yr old needed help understanding the story but my 11 yr old understood and enjoyed it. There were younger kids in attendance and I heard them asking their parents to leave during intermission.

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Cynthia Barbee Mallard
Review from Cynthia Barbee Mallard
2 events 1 review

Amazing show!!!

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Review from HUGH SPENCER
14 events 1 review

As a whole, it's not that great a show. But the cast was wonderful, ven amazing as they prformed some terrific choreography. Hard to understand what they were saying & singing. But what made it worth it, besides the movement, were some...continued

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Laura Grasso
Review from Laura Grasso
3 events 1 review

Excellent choreography! MIss Trunchbull knocked it out of the park!

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Bonnie Steffens
Review from Bonnie Steffens
1 event 1 review

Great seats, the play was awesome, everyone did their parts so well. It was a first time for My Granddaughter and Me being at this venue. We enjoyed it.

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James Cullison
Review from James Cullison
2 events 1 review

Loved the play! Very funny! Great actors!

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Kristin Carroll
Review from Kristin Carroll
0 events 1 review

Such a great show! My daughter (10) and I went and she loved it, especially the songs! Overall the performance was fantastic and we can’t wait to go see another show!

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Rachelle Dool
Review from Rachelle Dool
4 events 1 review

The musical was AMAZING! My daughter and I enjoyed the talent and the venue. Thank you!

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William Taylor
Review from William Taylor
0 events 1 review

The play was promoted as an "award-winning musical." "Tied for winning the most Olivier Awards ever, including Best New Musical, Matilda won five Tony Awards, including Best Book of a Musical." I went expecting a play that matched the hype-it...continued

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Review from FRANK
16 events 1 review


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