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Janice K Ropp
Review from Janice K Ropp
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Fantastic show! Amazing singing and production! Highly recommend it, will go a 2nd time! The seats we were given were great as well!

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Armanda Killingham
Review from Armanda Killingham
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Great performance! Very much enjoyed the show. Great acting and singing. This performance was better than the one I saw on Broadway in New York!

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Darnice Gaiter
Review from Darnice Gaiter
8 events 1 review

I really enjoyed the show

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Lisa Scott
Review from Lisa Scott
2 events 1 review

It was awesome! The acting was great and the singing and music was phenomenal!

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Vincent Pagan
Review from Vincent Pagan
1 event 1 review

Omg. I've seen BOTH productions on Broadway and this was the best one BY. FAR.

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Tonya Porter
Review from Tonya Porter
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Olivia Schroeder
Review from Olivia Schroeder
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Such an incredible and moving performance, not a single weak singer. I was brought to tears multiple times. Also the seats were fantastic, great view of the full stage!

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Patricia Massey
Review from Patricia Massey
21 events 1 review

The seat were great and the show was phenomenal!

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JoLisa Brown
Review from JoLisa Brown
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The seats were great! Thanks Goldstar!

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Review from mzrainey1
2 events 1 review

The show was phenomenal!

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Carolyn Vasser
Review from Carolyn Vasser
4 events 1 review

The singing and acting were both great, we really enjoyed the show..The seats were pretty decent also.

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Vic Wynter
Review from Vic Wynter
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This show was excellent. It was executed from top to bottom. Every cast member gave a stellar performance. The stage crew that put together the set did an amazing job. The music was absolutely stunning and every performer put their all into the...continued

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Wayne Matulionis
Review from Wayne Matulionis
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Took a friend who never saw movie or book, was talent displayed to themax!! Found myself hoing back and forth to the movie..as a priest, when we left, I hugged and said We have just been to church! Thank you for the God moment!

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