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Loida Kirkley
Review from Loida Kirkley
1 event 1 review

Quality food, great service.

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Marco Antonio
Review from Marco Antonio
2 events 1 review

Really great, great service, great location, great environment, great friends, great food, great show. Expensive, but worth it.

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Tanya Black
Review from Tanya Black
13 events 1 review

Saw a great concert. Overall experience was great.

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Stephanie Kong
Review from Stephanie Kong
4 events 1 review

Such a great show!

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Antione Moody
Review from Antione Moody
2 events 1 review
Myla Domingo
Review from Myla Domingo
9 events 1 review

The artist, Tony Saunders, was awesome. Love supporting our local Bay Area artists. The service, bad. Our server didn't even check on us if we're okay or if we ever got our food order. The appetizer sushi came in pretty quickly, the calamari did...continued

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Martin Jacobs
Review from Martin Jacobs
34 events 1 review

The artist performed for less than an hour.
I had also expected him to have some accompaniment, but he played solo.

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Jamie Cooper
Review from Jamie Cooper
3 events 1 review

The Atmosphere was great. The food was good however, the soda was terrible. They needed a C2O refill. Goaple on the other hand was amazing!

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Review from Rosaline
9 events 1 review

The Delfonics always puts on a great show!

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Amy Estandian
Review from Amy Estandian
3 events 1 review

The dinner and Eric Benet's performance was excellent. It would have be great if the drink server came to our table before the show began. Next time, I will know to purchase my drink at the bar before the take my seat.

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Review from verlie
8 events 1 review

The event was great.
what I do not care for are the chairs which are very uncomfortable. with the chair stools I feel like i am sliding off the seat and the seat is too hard. the regular chairs are hard and uncomfortable also.

the other...continued

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Lance Williams
Review from Lance Williams
4 events 1 review

The food was wonderful, the service on point and the venue itself was both intimate and relaxing. It was our first time (certainly not our last) and proved an excellent choice for a surprise birthday outing.

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Review from warbarb
4 events 1 review

The group,the venue, the restaurant all add up to a complete evening of memorable entertainment. Have seen CGT3 several times and ths was one of their best performances . They seemed energized by the crowd and the venue.

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Sulaiman Ali
Review from Sulaiman Ali
5 events 1 review

The musicians played their hearts out...Mr. Martin is very talented and personable!!

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I Keda B Rown
Review from I Keda B Rown
5 events 1 review

The seats, food, and friends were amazing. Lyfe Jennings was exceptional. Perfect evening.

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Review from DDL
1 event 1 review

The show was great! Will definitely come back. Venue was very good. A few issues: 1) seating for two was difficult because many seats were reserved, 2) the chairs were uncomfortable, and 3) cramp tables.

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Review from TMLFIREFLY
1 event 1 review

The show was great and lots of fun. The service was attentive. Consider parking in the parking lot as there is a validation you can get.

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GoGo Spiller
Review from GoGo Spiller
11 events 1 review

The show was amazing, from start to finish Confunkshun never disappoints their audience. Our server Bless was great, she was very attentive to our needs.

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Ron Perez
Review from Ron Perez
3 events 1 review

the show was great, Lydia rocked it!!!!!!

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Ariel McEachin
Review from Ariel McEachin
1 event 1 review

The show was great. The meal - not so much. In fact, this was the worst meal I have ever had at Yoshi's.

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