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Patrick Higle
Review from Patrick Higle
50 events 30 reviews

A nice, quick two-hour trip out and back. Saw a few whales on a crisp sunny day. My wife did get sick, however, and that has never happened to her on these types of harbor cruises. Might just chalk that up to a bad breakfast, though. Everybody on...continued

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Review from Sandra
28 events 18 reviews

Terrific boat trip, we didn't see whales but enjoyed racing alongside dozens of dolphins. Very nice trip on the ocean.

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Review from Sandra
28 events 18 reviews

Wonderful 2 hour trip on the ocean, sadly did not see any dolphins or whales on Wednesday but offered free tickets to go again. Excellent service.

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Atulya Lee Berube
Review from Atulya Lee Berube
31 events 11 reviews

My wife and I had a wonderful time. The ocean was calm. The sun was bright and we saw three whales! The staff was informative, polite and friendly.

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Review from Sherry
11 events 6 reviews

We had a great time and saw hundreds of dolphins leaping and swimming right by the boat. We also learned a lot about dolphins, whales, and sea lions from our guide. The boat is really cool - with lots of viewing areas and places to sit in the...continued

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Review from Sherry
11 events 6 reviews

We had such a fun time on the whale and dolphin tour. We saw hundreds of dolphins racing towards a bait ball. It was amazing

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E Ray Gamble
Review from E Ray Gamble
27 events 4 reviews

Didn't see any whales, dolphins, or sharks...but were given a "rain check" to come back.

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Diane Bardy
Review from Diane Bardy
13 events 4 reviews

Fabulous experience. Boat and crew were exceptionally nice, PLUS we saw over 100 dolphins. We had out of town guests, and they continue to rave about the experience. Highly recommend this trip.

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Review from Nam
30 events 4 reviews

It was a very enjoyable trip although some of my family got seasick. We saw many dolphins and we were lucky enough to see a blue whale.

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Roy Carroll
Review from Roy Carroll
7 events 4 reviews

The boat and crew were great. It was a fun experience. We saw a lot of dolphins which was very cool. Only negative was no whale sitings at all. Thought since it being the height of migration season we'd see a bunch but not a whale to be found.

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Susan Batel
Review from Susan Batel
21 events 3 reviews

Beautiful day and beautiful cruise!

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Richard Green
Review from Richard Green
8 events 3 reviews

Great trip, saw dolphins up close and crew was great.

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Review from Pam
6 events 2 reviews

Fun trip and a beautiful day. We saw an amazing amount of dolphins.. but unfortunately no whales. Loved the experience.

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Perry Crowe
Review from Perry Crowe
6 events 2 reviews

I have been on multiple whale-watching cruises and never actually seen a whale. On this cruise, we saw a whale within the first 10 minutes and stayed with the whale (a California gray) for at least half an hour. It was wonderful.

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Rudolfo Trevizo
Review from Rudolfo Trevizo
4 events 2 reviews

It was my first time on a boat so I did enjoy that fact. I also liked that we saw about 600 common dolphins swimming around us. I really wanted to see whales but did not see any.

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K Connors
Review from K Connors
3 events 2 reviews

We had a great time! Tickets were easy and we we left on time and arrived back on time. The crew was friendly, professional, knowledgable, and good at spotting whales and dolphins!

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Charmaine Madden
Review from Charmaine Madden
5 events 2 reviews

We had beautiful weather as we pulled out of the harbor. The ride was very smooth and seating was comfortable. We had a pod of dolphins racing with us, loved seeing the mamas with their tiny babies leaping along.

We didn’t see any whales. But...continued

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Jane MacKenzie
Review from Jane MacKenzie
1 event 1 review

A perfect day - we saw lots of dolphins, but no whales...still a wonderful excursion...

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Robert Weiss
Review from Robert Weiss
2 events 1 review

Although we did not see any whales or dolphins the 2 hour harbor cruise was wonderful. Enjoyed it thoroughly and looking forward to more trips.

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C Moylan
Review from C Moylan
6 events 1 review

Beautiful, clean boat, professional and friendly crew. Took our two kids on the 9:30 trip and they loved it! Saw lots of dolphins and also sea lions in their native environment.

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