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Gretchen C.
Review from Gretchen C.
Red Velvet 145 events 34 reviews

A Tour de Force if there ever was one.

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Review from Esther
47 events 30 reviews

What a fantastic show! Paul Morella is an extraordinary actor who does an amazing job with the story. I highly recommend this play - it's the best version of "A Christmas Carol" I've ever seen.

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Review from foundingfather
68 events 29 reviews

A one-man show but what a man! For nearly two hours he changed voices and mannerisms to represent different characters from the familiar story. He brought the story to life and how he memorized the non-stop material I'll never know. A wonderful...continued

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Stanley Myles
Review from Stanley Myles
35 events 29 reviews

I've been going to Paul Morella's one-person performance of The Christmas Carol for several years. It's always been an enjoyable experience watching Paul present the work in a way very similar to how Dickens did himself. This year Paul has added...continued

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Stanley Myles
Review from Stanley Myles
35 events 29 reviews

Paul Morella presents the most authentic presentation of Dickens' work the way Dickens himself presented in in his live readings. A pure delight to watch!

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Stanley Myles
Review from Stanley Myles
35 events 29 reviews

This is a must-see for both those familiar with any version of Dickens' story and those who are finding it for the first time. Paul Morella's one-man show recreates the The Christmas Carol in the way Dickens himself presented it during his lifetime.

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Stanley Myles
Review from Stanley Myles
35 events 29 reviews

This is my sixth year attending this performance, and I went twice this year. Paul Morella preserves the letter and the spirit of Dickens' novella as well as the way that Dickens preferred to present it to the public. This year Paul has added...continued

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Review from Lori
25 events 12 reviews

Recommend! Talented actor. Intimate small space, every seat is acceptable.

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Review from Judith
27 events 9 reviews

It was fantastic and Paul was so inviting and informal in the best sense.

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Rio DeNaro
Review from Rio DeNaro
153 events 8 reviews

amazing storyteller. fantastic experience! second year I've seen this.

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Mary Ann Wren
Review from Mary Ann Wren
92 events 8 reviews

Thought Paul Morella was magnificent!

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Review from publicprofilename
36 events 7 reviews

My family and I were all amazed at how good this show was. Wonderful acting - very well done! I would have never believed someone could do this story as a one-man show. Now I'm definitely a believer!

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Katika Pongor
Review from Katika Pongor
20 events 6 reviews

Not your typical multi-character Christmas Carol. This is done in a story telling style as a one man show. Intimate theater setting provide the right atmosphere for the story telling style and audience really participated as if they were listening...continued

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Susan Nippes
Review from Susan Nippes
15 events 5 reviews

Amazing actor! Really like intimate setting and friendliness of all theater volunteers and staff

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Review from glimmerglass
30 events 5 reviews

Paul Morella and the Olney Theatre continue to do a fantastic job in this amazing one-person production of A Christmas Carol. It's become a Christmas tradition for us. Simply the best!!

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Cynthia Talbot
Review from Cynthia Talbot
32 events 5 reviews

Wow! Amazing! A Christmas Carol in the way it should be seen.

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Goldstar Member
Review from Goldstar Member
5 events 4 reviews

It was wonderful to experience Dickens’s Christmas Carol as Dickens himself intended. Morella tells the story directly from Dickens work. Morella is very good in his roles.
The venue is small and intimate. It was a treat to experience this story...continued

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Marlene Ratowe
Review from Marlene Ratowe
9 events 4 reviews

Paul Morella was totally mesmerizing. I really enjoyed his version of the story.

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Nina Eldred
Review from Nina Eldred
9 events 4 reviews

What a wonderful event. From the moment i entered the theater i was transported back to England in the 1800's. What a thrill to be greeted in the theater by Mr. Morella himself. His performance was memorizing and although this is billed as a one...continued

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Review from frank
13 events 3 reviews

Excellent experience ! Paul is brilliant! This was a beautiful way to begin the holiday season.

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