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Patricia Lister Vanderwolf
Review from Patricia Lister Vanderwolf
20 events 4 reviews

Great performance with some very interesting background on Dickens and the play.

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Goldstar Member
Review from Goldstar Member
5 events 4 reviews

It was wonderful to experience Dickens’s Christmas Carol as Dickens himself intended. Morella tells the story directly from Dickens work. Morella is very good in his roles.
The venue is small and intimate. It was a treat to experience this story...continued

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Marlene Ratowe
Review from Marlene Ratowe
9 events 4 reviews

Paul Morella was totally mesmerizing. I really enjoyed his version of the story.

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Nina Eldred
Review from Nina Eldred
9 events 4 reviews

What a wonderful event. From the moment i entered the theater i was transported back to England in the 1800's. What a thrill to be greeted in the theater by Mr. Morella himself. His performance was memorizing and although this is billed as a one...continued

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John McCleskey
Review from John McCleskey
4 events 3 reviews

A Christmas Carol is performed by one man playing about 10 other characters. It was like watching a man with multiple personality disorder on stage, it was very strange. When I closed my eyes I imagined It was listing to a man narrate a story and...continued

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Review from frank
15 events 3 reviews

Excellent experience ! Paul is brilliant! This was a beautiful way to begin the holiday season.

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Review from DJ
5 events 3 reviews

The performance and settings were wonderful !

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Caroline Cooper
Review from Caroline Cooper
7 events 3 reviews

This was a fabulous production. Paul Morella was incredible -- not only in his playing of multiple characters but also in conveying the ambiance and settings of the various vignettes Dickens created. Just an amazing performance and experience.

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Lynne Harris
Review from Lynne Harris
8 events 3 reviews

We all really enjoyed the performance ---- to experience "A Christmas Carol" as originally performed --- as a dramatic reading --- put a fresh spin on a familiar tale. Would highly recommend it as a new holiday tradition.

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Review from Jennifer
5 events 3 reviews

We begin our Christmas season every year with this particular "Christmas Carol". It is a one man show and it is fantastic. The show is very true to the book!!!!!

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Review from Jennifer
5 events 3 reviews

We kick off the Christmas season every year with this show. We really love it!

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Madeline Brincka
Review from Madeline Brincka
11 events 3 reviews

What a wonderful program! Paul Morella is the perfect, gracious host who welcomed each ticketholder as we entered and wished each person well as we departed. He was a great storyteller, and did a
great job on stage. We would love to see it...continued

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Maxwell Cohen
Review from Maxwell Cohen
6 events 2 reviews

A lot of Good Fun for the whole family. My 11 year old was enthralled. Very talented actor.

Food afterwards at the Olney Ale House was also great. Would highly recommend.

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Review from Elissalea
8 events 2 reviews

From the time you shake Paul Morella’s hand on the way into the theatre until you shake it again – this time with enthusiasm and praise – on the way out, you’ll be in, not just for “a treat,” but for an overwhelming experience. You’ll wonder how...continued

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Review from tuney
33 events 2 reviews

I have wanted to see this play with Paul Morella for years and this year I did it and I was not disappointed. At 71 I have always loved A Christmas Carol and the 7th grade teacher who taught it. Mr. Morella's talent brought it to life just like...continued

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Louise Washburn
Review from Louise Washburn
2 events 2 reviews

I was under the impression that it was going to be a full production and not a one-man show. Visiting from out of state, I just assumed that but I must say that he’s acting was superb and I did enjoy it very much; it was totally different As I...continued

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Virginia Klinedinst
Review from Virginia Klinedinst
7 events 2 reviews

Paul is absolutely phenomenal in all parts of A Christmas Carol. Don't know how he can perform year after year.

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Jen C
Review from Jen C
1 event 1 review

An imaginative one actor show in an intimate setting.

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Evelyn Ellis
Review from Evelyn Ellis
1 event 1 review

Brilliant one man show. Leave the children at home though as the story is difficult to follow because it’s a recitation by one actor of the abridged novella text. The children in our group were bored except one who loved the sound effects but...continued

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Review from Cohlson
3 events 1 review

Excellent. Much more than I’d expect from a one man show. Highly recommend.

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