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Greg Williams
Review from Greg Williams
Red Velvet 172 events 66 reviews

Wonderful production. Great set and solid acting made this a great show.

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Francine J.
Review from Francine J.
Red Velvet 95 events 58 reviews

Actually if I could give 3.5 stars, that would be a more accurate rating. I wanted to love this production but felt strangely unmoved by it. Certainly a great deal of effort went into the show, and much of it paid off. The production numbers...continued

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Jane Jasper
Review from Jane Jasper
Red Velvet 122 events 27 reviews

The best musical I’ve seen at Olney and there have been some very good ones.
Everything about this show was so well done
and so timely.
Congratulations to Olney, the director and the cast for a great theatrical experience

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Diane Straub
Review from Diane Straub
175 events 75 reviews

Olney never disappoints! A top notch performance with great music and lighting.
I’ve seen this show several times over the years and I still get chills. Very powerful.

Only problem was the control of the microphone system, but I’m sure that will...continued

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Review from James
107 events 36 reviews

I go see Cabaret every chance I get, and the production at OlneyTheatre is outstanding.
Not Fosse’s version. Truer and Darker. Wonderful!

And your future star-? Mason Alexander Park as the Emcee.

But all the actors, especially Alexandra...continued

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Review from PPH
41 events 29 reviews

I must be one of the few folks “of a certain age” that has NEVER seen the film version of CABARET (even to this day!) Then, a friend took me up to NYC to see Alan Cumming in the 1998 production at the former Studio 54 BUT, at the last minute, Mr....continued

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Amy Scher
Review from Amy Scher
54 events 24 reviews

This was the best production of Cabaret I've ever seen. Everything was perfect!

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Review from BP
26 events 19 reviews

The talent in this show was phenomenal! Voices were truly spectacular!

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Bekah Walsh
Review from Bekah Walsh
20 events 14 reviews

Some opening night tech (sound) issues, but otherwise one of the best productions I've Cabaret I've seen! Amazing cast and set!

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Helene Dubov
Review from Helene Dubov
30 events 10 reviews

Singing was superb, costumes and set were dazzling.

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Review from suzie
37 events 9 reviews

Great production!!!

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Review from SDK
39 events 9 reviews

I loved it! The orchestra played beautifully, the actors were great, especially the Emcee, and costumes were amazing. Highly recommend.

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stanley heishman
Review from stanley heishman
23 events 8 reviews

Fantastic show. Great dancing, good acting, and a marvelous mc. And the orchestra was excellent.

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Judy Cullen
Review from Judy Cullen
12 events 8 reviews

Thanks for the block of seats. The mezzanine seats were great. It was difficult to understand the Cabaret host (who was great but used an exaggerated German accent). Many of the mezzanine patrons said the same thing about not being able to...continued

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Review from Janice
16 events 8 reviews

Very good production! The set was very nice and the orchestra was on the stage the entire time. Not to be missed play!

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D Kozloski
Review from D Kozloski
15 events 6 reviews

Great seats. The orchestra, stage set, choriography, vocal talent, all contributed to a very enjoyable experience. The themes explored are too frighteningly relevant to what we are experiencing in our country today.

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Review from Jdoffutt
51 events 5 reviews

A truly outstanding production. Olney demonstrates again that it can stage musicals at the very highest level. Bravo!

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Review from fhiltonj
30 events 5 reviews

Great Show. Thoroughly entertained. The singing and dancing was perfect. Show readily deserved the Standing Ovation it received at the end of the performance

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James Edward French
Review from James Edward French
5 events 5 reviews

Marvelous production, the emcee was as convincing as Joel Grey in the film version. Sally and Cliff were equally engaging. The rnding was as scary as modern times.

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Angela Walker
Review from Angela Walker
65 events 5 reviews

This was a wonderful production! Sets and costumes recreated the period creatively, the music and dancing were terrific and the acting memorable. Really a great evening!

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