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Cinderella is one of the most recognized stories around the world.  There are anywhere from 340 to more than 1500 versions – the exact number remains in question. However, the Cinderella tale always centers on a kind, but persecuted, heroine who suffers at the hands of her step-family after the death of her mother.  The heroine has a magical guardian who helps her triumph over her struggles.

In deciding which versions to use, director Eve Muson “wanted to show three different cultures and three distinct aspects of the girl representing Cinderella.  In The Little Red Fish…, she is rewarded simply for being good. In Little Burnt Face, the girl chooses to be kind and generous when she has no reason to be.  Maria, in the third version, is rewarded for her insight and wisdom.”

“This is meant to be in ‘story-theater’ style, in which actors narrate their action in the third person, as well as directly address the audience,” Ms. Muson continues.  “Five actresses portray about 30 roles.”

Those five actresses are: Brittany Rose Baratz, Elizabeth Fette, Kristiana Jorquin-Moreland, Madeleine Russell, and Amal Saade.

The three cultures will be represented through the costuming as well, by identifying commonalities among the cultures. For example, a Middle Eastern veil used in The Little Red Fish and the Golden Clog may be turned over to reveal a Latin American mantilla for Maria La Cenicienta.

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