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Amy Harbison
Review from Amy Harbison
Red Velvet 42 events 10 reviews

Very talented cast, incredible voices. Story gave real insights into what it must be like to be an immigrant who is caught up in issues of deportation while still trying to show up as a parent. A touching mother/daughter story. Promising new...continued

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Diane Straub
Review from Diane Straub
181 events 80 reviews

Singing was terrific.

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Barbara Bear
Review from Barbara Bear
245 events 22 reviews

Very well done! Great staging, acting, great music direction ... highly recommend seeing this production❗️

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Marian Apple
Review from Marian Apple
26 events 15 reviews

Actors were 1st class! Music was terrific! Set & lighting was perfect! Message of show was “right on!” I hope students can attend this show! Hopefully, this show should be played throughout our country!!! The Olney theater is like having...continued

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andrew fox
Review from andrew fox
32 events 14 reviews

The venue was only half full on the rainy night we attended. The house manager upgraded all patrons. We paid for side mezzanine seats and were lucky enough to be seated in the center orchestra. Kudos to the Olney Theatre Center's house manager....continued

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Review from Cashetz
20 events 12 reviews

A timely story, well told and well performed. I had looked forward to the musical numbers but was disappointed that they really didn't contribute much to moving the story along.

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Review from SDK
43 events 10 reviews

I went into it having just read a blurb so I didn't know what to expect. It was amazing! The story was sweet, funny, and tragic. The actors and band performed beautifully, especially the actress who played Pearl and the guitarist. I may see it...continued

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Jill Wexler Greenstein
Review from Jill Wexler Greenstein
67 events 9 reviews

So well acted, staged, danced and sung. A delightful way to consider a truly difficult topic.

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Suzanne Slyn Davis
Review from Suzanne Slyn Davis
12 events 8 reviews

The music was terrific and excellent voices from the cast! Very modern set but worked well with talented performers and very interesting story, that is so timely for what is going on in our country now. Highly recommend this show.

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Review from Ted
72 events 6 reviews

The actors were competent. The dialogue was weak and the music was nebulous. Also, the theater was more than half empty and our seats were in the last row at the very end , not allowing full view of the stage.

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Review from Barb
15 events 5 reviews

Like In the Heights, this play tackles a real issue for folks that are not usually a topic for shows. It makes you see real people affected by immigration issues. Singing is excellent and show is well run. It is really good but not out of this...continued

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Jeannette Sturman
Review from Jeannette Sturman
26 events 4 reviews

It was okay definitely not my favorite

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Amy Hubbard
Review from Amy Hubbard
21 events 4 reviews

Not a perfect play but the relationship between the mom and daughter and how it changed was quite moving and the lead is wonderful! Worth checking out.

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Alicia M. Youmans
Review from Alicia M. Youmans
9 events 3 reviews

Great show, the cast was fabulous!

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Ruth S Marin
Review from Ruth S Marin
5 events 3 reviews

The performers were wonderful, however, the story tried to cram to many current political topics into one show. Some of the songs lyrics were ridiculous. The overarching topic of a mother and daughter separated, and the mother facing deportation,...continued

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Barbara Hass
Review from Barbara Hass
7 events 2 reviews

Acting was excellent. Staging excellent. Story riveting

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Victoria Nathan
Review from Victoria Nathan
5 events 2 reviews

It was a fantastic show!

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Claudia Huffman
Review from Claudia Huffman
4 events 2 reviews

It was wonderful

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Viviana Azar
Review from Viviana Azar
31 events 2 reviews

Very powerful storyline with thought provoking themes of families separations, immigration and current political state. Grest acting, choreography and music. Kept you on the edge of the seat.

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Mariela Semidey
Review from Mariela Semidey
6 events 1 review

An incredible story of and immigrant family in US. A MUST SEE SHOW! Valeria Morales is spectacular!

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