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Eleanore Tapscott
Review from Eleanore Tapscott
Red Velvet 150 events 39 reviews

I liked this production, but really wanted to like it more than I did. The choreography and dancing are amazing, and the lead actor's singing was lovely. However, the inconsistency in acting style -- some actors' potrayals of their characters were...continued

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Small Handff
Review from Small Handff
Red Velvet 94 events 15 reviews

While this well casted production will not make you forget the classic lineup, and in all fairness who could, they are clearly enjoying themselves as they sing their faces off & tap their legs off. Seeing it from the cheap seats might make you...continued

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Carol Schifter
Review from Carol Schifter
Red Velvet 47 events 14 reviews

Fabulous dancing and singing and all of the actors made us laugh. Do not miss this show!

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Karen Hardcastle
Review from Karen Hardcastle
Red Velvet 142 events 3 reviews

The production is wonderful. Performances are splendid. My obstructed view seats with red velvet were a total bummer.

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Joan Rubin
Review from Joan Rubin
64 events 26 reviews

Wonderful dancing, loved that Don smiled when he sang and danced.
Great choreography and costumes. Don't miss!!!!!

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Irwin Wartell
Review from Irwin Wartell
24 events 15 reviews

Superb in every way. Performers were top notch.
The choreography was amazing.

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Bekah Walsh
Review from Bekah Walsh
21 events 14 reviews

Such a fun performance! Love how they actually made it rain on stage

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Review from Cashetz
20 events 12 reviews

Singing, dancing, and staging were terrific. Seats were on far aisle-- view was still excellent but a few things were obstructed. They were a good value but it would be nice if that was noted when purchased.

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Review from SDK
44 events 10 reviews

Productions at the Olney never disappoint! Singin' in the Rain i s one of my favorite movies so I was excited to see it on the stage. The actors were amazing, as well as the costumes and sets.

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Review from CAROL
45 events 10 reviews

We had good seats and ushers were terrific. I didn't like the musical; the actors were
not believable and it was very corny.

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Review from BGumula
18 events 9 reviews

Fabulous high energy, high quality performance. Highly recommended!

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Wendy Weisbard
Review from Wendy Weisbard
59 events 8 reviews

The dancing was wonderful. A feel good play. You leave happy at the end.

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Mary Lewis
Review from Mary Lewis
19 events 7 reviews

This play was fantastic! The music and dancing were so much fun. Excellent performance. I recommend it for any reason but especially if you need to be lifted up with joy and smiles!

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Review from fhiltonj
31 events 6 reviews

Music Singing and especially the Dancing were terrific

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Review from Ted
74 events 6 reviews

Olney did a wonderful job on Singing in the Rain. The singing voices were excellent, the dancing was amazing and it was great seeing actors of different colors, sizes and shapes. It worked beautifully.

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James Edward French
Review from James Edward French
6 events 6 reviews

What a great performance! I could easily enjoy it again. It was so great to enjoy tap dancing again like in the past.

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Wendy Hoffman
Review from Wendy Hoffman
47 events 6 reviews

Wonderful production in every way! We could not have enjoyed it more!

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Review from mamacat1215
25 events 5 reviews

The dancing and singing were outstanding. Having it "rain" on stage was very cool and during intermission a bunch of us went up front to see how they did it without getting the entire theater wet. Kudos to the performers - they did a fantastic job!

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Karen Crespy
Review from Karen Crespy
18 events 5 reviews

Took my parents for a Christmas gift and they were both thrilled and loved the production, the performances, and the entire experience! Olney has done it again!

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Review from Nanci
16 events 4 reviews

I can't praise this production enough! I wanted to marry Gene Kelly at one point in my life and he would be BUSTING with pride at this version. The cast stayed true to the story and even some of the choreography was identical to the movie. Not...continued

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