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Review from mcf
120 events 73 reviews

Interesting play, well acted. Over the top at times, but that was clearly the playwright's intention; however, I thought it ended up making it too much of a caricature when some serious themes were being introduced/explored. Great to have a play...continued

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Joan Rubin
Review from Joan Rubin
59 events 26 reviews

Fascinating staging, some clever lines but too monolithic. The woman was always
yelling as was her brother.. Yes, I get that she's immature but can't you show it another way?

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Susan N Erik Read
Review from Susan N Erik Read
66 events 12 reviews

Really great show. I wish it ran longer so I can recommend it to my friends. Thought-provoking, funny script and great acting!

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Review from fred
18 events 4 reviews

The second act seemed a bit gratuitous,

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Review from JAC
11 events 4 reviews

Well-acted, great venue, but show was a little overwrought in terms of the characters' anxieties. Felt like it was trying too hard to convey a sense of frustration for imagined childhood parental issues. Second act better than first by far.

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C Cheung
Review from C Cheung
11 events 3 reviews

I enjoyed it very much: very entertaining, good acting all around, funny and yet thought-provoking and I like that it reflects what’s going on in real life. Sorry to miss the after play discussion; forgot about that and got up to leave. Wish...continued

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Review from Sandydee
8 events 3 reviews

This was a fabulous play. The dialogue was crisp, funny, and scissor-sharp. The play's intent was meaningful. The acting was excellent! Go see it!

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Wallace Watson
Review from Wallace Watson
5 events 2 reviews

A lively exploration of a timely topic, but far too dependent on physical stage antics and loud shouting and whining, so much that much of the dialogue was not understandable. The upbeat ending seemed forced.

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Lisa Lim
Review from Lisa Lim
3 events 2 reviews

Funny play. Good to see and understand the Chinese-American experience of growing up in the U.S.

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Review from Ihearttheater
15 events 2 reviews

Remarkable set and lighting which was used creatively. Near manic pacing. Some well-choreographed moments, especially toward the end of the play.

Characters are shallow, neurotic, and whiny. Plot focuses on the dilemma “we look different than...continued

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Review from Bklyn29gs
55 events 2 reviews

The Lab theater offers some of the best in town. Tiger is best of best.

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Michael Kitay
Review from Michael Kitay
8 events 2 reviews

Very enjoyable. Highly recommend.

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