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Yvonne Pierre
Review from Yvonne Pierre
118 events 23 reviews

He was very entertaining and the laughter was good for the soul. I would attend his show again. A potty mouth but it was all in fun.

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Debbie McCray
Review from Debbie McCray
74 events 7 reviews

I would have loved it had he played to both sides of the audience. He has an uncanny propensity of using stage left. Please get this to him


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Review from Dana
2 events 2 reviews

Awesome show !!

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Albert Valadez
Review from Albert Valadez
5 events 2 reviews

Had us rolling in laughter

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Paul Navarro
Review from Paul Navarro
10 events 2 reviews

Very funny, would pay to go see him again!

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Lindy Baker
Review from Lindy Baker
8 events 1 review

He had funny places, but I like a comedian who has a full set of jokes. Colin works off the audience and constant gross insults is just not my thing. We have enough separation and bullying in our world right now without this kind of humor.

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Danielle Thompson
Review from Danielle Thompson
5 events 1 review

He is amazing! I saw him Friday and Sunday night. Very nice guy he met us after both shows! He is going to be huge one day!!

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Review from TDiMa
1 event 1 review

He is very funny and had people laughing so hard we were crying.

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Roxanne Alvarez
Review from Roxanne Alvarez
3 events 1 review

Hilarious!! Had me laughing nonstop! A unique sense of humor that definitely isn't for the faint at heart. Second time seeing him, and I would see home time and time again!

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Review from RAIDERS FAN
7 events 1 review

It was a great time. We all laughed so freaking hard. The food and the service was excellent. Every seat is a good seats. Will definitely go back.

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Review from Jamie
4 events 1 review

Was there to celebrate my birthday and had a great time! Loved that he was very interactive with the audience and his ability to adlib was the best I've seen/heard in a long time. If you are not offended by the language, I would highly recommend!

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