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Andrea Woods
Review from Andrea Woods
5 events 3 reviews

Guy Torry as soooo funny....I went with my husband & some friends for date night & had a amazing time. I would see again!

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Cassandra P Jones Bradley
Review from Cassandra P Jones Bradley
12 events 3 reviews

Guy was off the chain last night. He never disappoints. The host and the other comedians. Were excellent. I will definitely see him when he comes back again.

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Tanya M Foster
Review from Tanya M Foster
7 events 3 reviews

He was so bomb and my stomach was hurting so much enjoyed

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Review from Tamara
9 events 3 reviews

Worth the money!!

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Stasie Ngo
Review from Stasie Ngo
27 events 2 reviews

I attended Guy Torry's opening night at The Ontario Improv and had the best time ever. His opener, Sydney was awesome & very charismatic!! He delivered the punch lines so naturally that you feel as if you're part of the family. As for Guy Torry,...continued

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Review from rccondo
22 events 2 reviews

I didn"t think he was funny !!!

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Review from patrick
8 events 2 reviews

I had a great time at this sold out event. Guy was too funny!!

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Review from Msalston1980
4 events 2 reviews

It was kind of offensive and I don't offend easily!! Some jokes were just bad taste.....a lot racist, and sex jokes. He talked about this woman so bad, her and her date walked out. Although I think it was partially because he was drunk. However,...continued

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Review from Tanya
11 events 2 reviews

Show started over an hour late, standing, waiting in line. Ugh!

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Review from veronica
8 events 2 reviews

Super funny!!

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Review from SHONTELL
26 events 2 reviews

Well yes I did enjoy the event. Guy Torry was funny much better then I expected and he holds his own being the brother of Joe Torry. So again I enjoyed the event I will most definatley be ordering from GOLDSTAR

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Miyoshi Brown
Review from Miyoshi Brown
9 events 1 review

Absolutely enjoyed Guy and the other comedians on his tour. I would recommend this tour to everyone.
If given the chance I would also see him again.

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Goldstar Member
Review from Goldstar Member
3 events 1 review

Awesome show...Would definitely see Mr. Torry again. He was funny as heck. Great show

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Review from LRP
4 events 1 review

Could not hear him very well because he kept holding the microphone away from his mouth. Continued on the same sex topic for most of the show so it became boring. People around us started to hold sidebar conversations about other things. I would...continued

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Lovie Wardlaw
Review from Lovie Wardlaw
5 events 1 review

Guy Torry was hilarious! I would recommend going to see his comedy show.

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Sharon Robinson
Review from Sharon Robinson
13 events 1 review

Guy Torry was too funny. Loved him!! A great comedian

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Goldstar Member
Review from Goldstar Member
2 events 1 review

Had a great time, he was really funny!

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Sherry Doss Hogan
Review from Sherry Doss Hogan
8 events 1 review

He was ok, he talked very dirty and some of his jokes I thought were inappropriate.

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Tye Chokolatekisses
Review from Tye Chokolatekisses
4 events 1 review

He was super funny and hella friendly! He took pictures with me and my party and had a down to earth conversation with us. Felt like he was part of the family!

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Review from LJ
2 events 1 review

I didn't realize, or should I say I didn't remember how hilarious he actually is. Myself and my family members had a great time, even with all his raunchy/explicit jokes! He's a COMEDIAN, he had my belly in knots, lol! I would go see him again...continued

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