Pablo francisco
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Great event . Sold out show. Lots of comedians that are funny.

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Noa Noa Guillen
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I always love going to the Ontario Improv, but this even was a bit off. I read about Pablo Francisco appearing to be under the influence of some substance while on stage recently and that is exactly what it seemed like. I would say it is all in my...continued

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Review from Angie
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I couldn't understand most of what they were saying - they held the mike so close to their mouth! What I did hear just wasn't very funny - I expected more.

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Debbie Walker
Review from Debbie Walker
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I honestly didn't care for Pablo Francisco but the guy in the wheelchair was very funny. Sorry but I don't remember his name.

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Review from Ray2317
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i liked it overall enjoyed myself..

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Wayne Williams
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performers were funny, great crowd, food and drinks kept it going.

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Review from Yvonne
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so much fun!
a great double date place for any age

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The venue is good--fairly small so all seats were pretty good. Fortunately it wasn't full otherwise we would have strangers at our table. The waitstaff was great. There were two other comedians and the comic host in addition to Pablo that were...continued

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Wendy Rico-Torres
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Very funny. Have seen him a few times. Definitely has new jokes.

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Ms Toni B
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We had a blast! We took my brother ( who is a huge Pablo fan and introduced us to him) and his girlfriend. They were so excited as this was their first live comedy show. I splurged and for a small fee ( at the door), I upgraded us to VIP! Which...continued

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Brendan Bafford
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We had excellent seats, and all the comedians were good. The waitress was very nice and helpful. We would definitely go back and see another comedian.

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Stephanie Raelene Rodrigues
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Amazing laughed so hard!

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Do NOT go see Pablo Francisco, he was HORRIBLE!!! all 3 comedians before him were funnier and even a handicapped guy in a wheelchair that could barely talk was funnier! I purchased 9 tickets for my moms birthday celebration and we all spent...continued

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Great fun night with friends ,all comedians were very entertaining,especially Wal-Martinez & Pablo

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Tracy Tello
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Great show and for the price, you can't beat it

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Arcelia Rivera
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Had a great time! SO worth the purchase.

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He is freaking hilarious including the acts that open up for him. One of the funniest comedy shows I have been to in years.

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Stephanie Madiedo
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He was Hilarious!!

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Stephanie Thomas
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Hilarious!!!! Would definitely go again! Great venue!

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Joannasuong Tran
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His jokes were not very funny, he would always resort to old jokes when he couldnt remember or make up new ones, his act did not really flow or make sense. Lots of comedians can make u laugh not trying but Pablo really looked like he was trying...continued

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