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Review from Shawna
Red Velvet 84 events 79 reviews

Always a fun time! Highly recommend!

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Review from Shawna
Red Velvet 84 events 79 reviews

Love my Ontario Fury! So much fun and full of excitement!

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Review from Andrew
68 events 31 reviews

I don't really like soccer but it was so much fun! Fury won 10-4 in exciting fashion. Great music and entertainment throughout entire game. One guy refused to kiss his girl 3 times during kiss can so people three popcorn at him lol

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Antonio Tovar Jr.
Review from Antonio Tovar Jr.
40 events 21 reviews

Having been to outdoor soccer games, we weren't sure what to expect here since this was my wife, son and I's first time watching an arena soccer game. It turned out to be fun (fast-paced and energetic) despite the Fury losing. Citizens Business...continued

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Daniel Nieves
Review from Daniel Nieves
17 events 9 reviews

We had a good time at this event. I love the timing of their season, as it is off season for my Galaxy and I needed a "live" soccer fix.

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Review from CtheStar
13 events 6 reviews

Indoor soccer is such a cool sport, I was glued to the action of the game the whole time. Great soccer playing, but can get rough between the players. A good tip to know is that parking is $5.00.
Great for all ages. They give out prizes through...continued

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Review from christinam
18 events 6 reviews

this event was well worth the price, great seating!

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Review from Blue
20 events 5 reviews

Excellent entertainment value for professional sports! The competition level is amazing!

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Nakia Skvarca
Review from Nakia Skvarca
16 events 5 reviews

I had such a great time. First time attending a soccer game. Completely entertained. Fury played a great game against San Diego and vice versa. Fury went into overtime, that was something, then pulled off the win with the last goal. Very exciting...continued

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Nick Hernandez
Review from Nick Hernandez
53 events 5 reviews

I purchased 12 tickets in the midfield seating. I was given End Zone Tickets. I will never attend another Indoor Soccer event.

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Isela Gonzalez
Review from Isela Gonzalez
28 events 5 reviews

Lots of fun! Took my whole family and everyone had a great time!

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Review from Tana
12 events 5 reviews

We love watching the Fury play, love the seats of the midfield. Arena can get cold due to hockey being played sometimes after the soccer games.

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Review from gjmracing
50 events 4 reviews

great seats and great action. Happy that I went.

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Robert Ledbetter
Review from Robert Ledbetter
10 events 4 reviews

Great time! Fast pace! Good seats.

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Christine Daileymaristch
Review from Christine Daileymaristch
11 events 4 reviews

Super fun!!!

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Wydette Morales
Review from Wydette Morales
5 events 4 reviews

This was my first experience watching the Fury. I went in as an excited potential fan & while I enjoyed the Mixes (music), the time out giveaways and cameras, I was verily disappointed in this team's professionalism and sportsmanship. The Fury...continued

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Review from DAVE
10 events 4 reviews

Went with my family and had a great time. The game is fast paced and there's lots of scoring so it makes the very intense. I look forward to another game soon.

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Charles E Bernard Jr
Review from Charles E Bernard Jr
7 events 3 reviews

I really enjoyed the game. It was fast moving with a 9-8 win by the Ontario Fury; good music during the game and friendly fans and staff! While I can't make it to all the games this season because of distance and I won't be able to purchase season...continued

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Lorena Kiraly
Review from Lorena Kiraly
24 events 3 reviews

I went with my 3 kids ages 8-14 and it was a hit! The energy is electric. We were there on Fan Appreciation night and they had so many giveaways. Great event fun for the whole family. It was our first time attending indoor soccer, but it...continued

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Daniel Salguero
Review from Daniel Salguero
8 events 3 reviews

Never a dull moment in indoor soccer.

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