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Linda Gray Peterson
Review from Linda Gray Peterson
Red Velvet 141 events 65 reviews

Not clean! waitresses with hair hanging over your food, other ticket holders passing and handeling your soup bowls while coughing into their hands, Merlin sweating and handeling your salt shakers, food falsely represented with added charges...continued

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Denise Shue
Review from Denise Shue
Red Velvet 108 events 65 reviews

We had a blast! Merlin & the wenches were highly entertaining. I can't figure out how any of the magic is done & the food was delicious! We took my son & daughter-in-law out to celebrate their b-days & they used them on stage. Thank you for a...continued

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Lady Diane Chua
Review from Lady Diane Chua
Red Velvet 125 events 58 reviews

It was a Thursday evening with only an audience of about 20. The stage was simple and it was just Merlin with the wench (server) chiming in now & again. I worried that it wouldn't be good but it was! Merlin was witty, entertaining and humorous....continued

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Lorraine R.
Review from Lorraine R.
Red Velvet 56 events 3 reviews

This is the third time I have visited this venue for the “Merlin” show. It is entertaining and fun for the whole family. The meal is delicious. This is great for something different!

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john parker
Review from john parker
90 events 74 reviews

Great dinner and Great show. I loved it

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Alan B.
Review from Alan B.
123 events 67 reviews

This was an excellent family show and meal. I'd rate the food as above average for the price with sufficient quantity. The meal consists of pork ribs and BBQ chicken breast and wing. The sides are baked beans, cole slaw with honey baked cornbread....continued

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Review from CJ
194 events 56 reviews

Definitely fun for the kids and grandkids. Food was fine. Very casual. Enjoyed seeing the little kids helping Merlin.

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Review from gjryan5
109 events 51 reviews

"Just OK" all-around: some impressive magic tricks (which is, of course, what this event is all about), but Merlin seems tired and bored with his own show--says many of his well-memorized lines with his eyes half-closed or staring into space. ...continued

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Marty F.
Review from Marty F.
60 events 50 reviews

Food was good and magic/jokes were entertaining. 17% automatic tip was not unexpected but not appreciated,

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Review from Pinky
58 events 43 reviews

It was a bit corny but the food was fine and Merlin included the audience with his magic and the kids present enjoyed it. We laughed alot and we had fun. The service was very good. If we didnt have the groupon we probably wouldnt go again as...continued

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Angie Caballero Serrano
Review from Angie Caballero Serrano
49 events 36 reviews

I enjoyed the show!

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Don McDougald
Review from Don McDougald
42 events 31 reviews

A fun evening. First, the food is fine. It began with a delicious vegetable soup followed by ribs, chicken, cole slaw, baked beans and corn bread. Not gourmet but good. Merlin is a decent magician and very entertaining. He performs feats at...continued

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Donald B.
Review from Donald B.
67 events 29 reviews

The show was rather entertaining at times in its own corny sort of way. A few of the magic skits were very well performed as well as there also was some "old school" magic thrown in for familiarity. Most of the food was good, but the ribs were...continued

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Sheila Rodriguez
Review from Sheila Rodriguez
122 events 29 reviews

We had a good time and they were very entertaining. We enjoyed how they incorporated the the food along with the show. A fun evening. The food was outstanding tosay!

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George Robins
Review from George Robins
53 events 29 reviews

We went on a Sunday early evening, the attendance was only about 20 people which made it tough on the MC presentor. The show was OK. The food was tasty, yet very simple.

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Review from Melly
36 events 28 reviews

The show was cheesy and the food lukewarm and mediocre, but the birthday girl had a good time and that's all that mattered!

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Magda Richer
Review from Magda Richer
75 events 27 reviews

It was a fun event and the most reasonable event available during New Year's Eve.
BBQ chicken was tender and delicious!
Will be going here another weekend with other friends.
Great for kids!

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Goldstar Member
Review from Goldstar Member
32 events 26 reviews

almost immediately after entering my nose was acting up . then i looked up and noticed a very dirty vent letting out the ac . it was a little cold too. overall show although very short in 2-3 segments and meal were ok.there was about 18 that...continued

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George Nmn Hansel
Review from George Nmn Hansel
45 events 25 reviews

It was OK, will not return for a 2nd one, the food was very good. When the entertainer helps with the collection of the dishes, what does that tell you? NOt worth the money, even with the Goldstar discount.

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lee jones
Review from lee jones
37 events 24 reviews

It was a good show with audience antiicipation, particularly young children.
It was funny with tricks performed that the audience didn't know. The food was ample and well prepared.

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