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Review from Jocelyn
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Basic magic tricks. Dinner service was slow. They served in between acts. Food was average. The show would have been better if we had little kids with us but we didn't. The show is more for kids. Glad we had a discount thru Goldstar or else it...continued

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Review from Goldstar Member
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Come expecting a small intimate venue, but with a fun group of friend you really can’t go wrong.

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Review from Goldstar Member
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Comedy, magic, and good food. It was an interactive evening that was fun for the whole family.

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Andrew Ge
Review from Andrew Ge
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Dinner... and magic?! Pretty fun show and dinner if you go with the right crowd. Some parts can go a little overboard with cheese but overall a great time with pretty solid American comfort food. Was pretty disappointed to find out that they...continued

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Review from Goldstar Member
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Doors opened promptly @ time indicated. Though we had read we would be seated according to our arrival (we were 2nd couple through the doors) they sat us in pre-assigned seats & though there were empty seats closer we were asked not to move. It is...continued

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Review from sherinda
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Everything went smoothly. Merlin was amazing and the wenches (servers) were adorable and competent. The food was typical dinner theater (So so) and we had a great time.

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Review from ontheaisle
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Excellent food.
The show was very lack-lustre. Basically "Merlin" doing a stand-up magic act on a small procenium stage with some audience participation. If you're with fun people at the table, you'll have fun.

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Janis Lockwood
Review from Janis Lockwood
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Family & I enjoyed this event. There were about 8 other families in attendance. The food was good and plentiful. And the magic show was funny and engaging....Merlin interacted with all the kids in attendance and those adults celebrating a...continued

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Lisa Gnip
Review from Lisa Gnip
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first time going there it was funny and cool magic shows host/waitresses were great

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Brian Regalbuto
Review from Brian Regalbuto
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Food and magic wonderful, this is my second time to the dinner show and was just as good and entertaining as the first time

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Review from FERNANDO
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Food is great, show is more for kids and seating is horrible! My wife and I ended up with neck pain even till the day after.

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Review from Goldstar Member
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Food was delicious. They even had a vegetarian option which was good. The service(wenches) were very nice and kept in character the whole time. The magic show was ok. Nothing impressive though. Expect the magic to be linking hoops and...continued

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Aaa Ben Ormonde Sr
Review from Aaa Ben Ormonde Sr
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Food was fair, Magic was basic old boring tricks. It was hard to sit through. Merlin has a good enough personality but boring tricks that every beginner does

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Review from Jean
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Food was good service was efficient, and wretch was very nice! Merlin was amazing and funny. It looked so simple but how did he do it?

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Review from DrewFlesch
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Food was high quality. Merlin was funny, well rehearsed and humorous. My family really enjoyed the whole experience.

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Review from Sally
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food was not fresh, service and quality was lacking.
the place was dirty, their costumes were old and looked like they hadn't washed it in ages...

you sit with other people at the table.. and while you eat.. there's nothing going on except to...continued

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Georgina Dai
Review from Georgina Dai
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Food was ok. Merlin was funny. But not so fond of the seating. The people in front of us were talk so it was difficult to see the stage.

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Elaine Shaw
Review from Elaine Shaw
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Found very expensive for what we got. Should have been entertained while eating. We were left for different enter missions. The building was very warm we all asked several times please turn it down. Finally cool when time to leave. Nothing...continued

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Review from trapper54
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fun casual and place to let your shoulders down and let them do the work while you meet other people

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Todd Carlson
Review from Todd Carlson
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Fun show - good performance

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