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George Nmn Hansel
Review from George Nmn Hansel
45 events 25 reviews

It was OK, will not return for a 2nd one, the food was very good. When the entertainer helps with the collection of the dishes, what does that tell you? NOt worth the money, even with the Goldstar discount.

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lee jones
Review from lee jones
37 events 24 reviews

It was a good show with audience antiicipation, particularly young children.
It was funny with tricks performed that the audience didn't know. The food was ample and well prepared.

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lee jones
Review from lee jones
37 events 24 reviews

The show was interesting and entertaining with good food and some
audience participation. The illusions were magical verbally clean. and funny.

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Review from RTB
155 events 23 reviews

It was very entertaining. The food was actually ok and Merlin was very entertaining. I would certainly recommend

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Mary Bodily
Review from Mary Bodily
40 events 23 reviews

This was a gift to my son - he had a great time - said the food was worth the money.

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Lina Toughill
Review from Lina Toughill
28 events 22 reviews

Fun experience, except crowded in the pic nic style tables.

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Review from Stephen
38 events 21 reviews

This is a great show for Family, Friends. Great audience participation and magical illusions. I highly recommend it to all.

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Lilian Dendrinos
Review from Lilian Dendrinos
73 events 21 reviews

We took our cousin from Japan and her 10 years old daughter who loves magic. We had a ball. The food was great and the show was excellent. We highly recommend this show to all.

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Angie Barajas
Review from Angie Barajas
21 events 19 reviews

Fun family night, we were seated in the front so the kids got to go on stage & help with magic tricks! Some jokes were good some where bad, but overall we had a great time. Lots of food!

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Review from Cal
96 events 19 reviews

The food was OK. However, the show and the "wenches" (servers) made it well worthwhile and we'll go again.

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Review from Zephiroth
44 events 18 reviews

Awesome show. The magic tricks are good and very entertaining. Some of the jokes are old and some are good and new. They give time to eat and enjoy your food before, during, and after the performances. Waitresses very helpful and friendly. The...continued

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Elise Q.
Review from Elise Q.
44 events 17 reviews

I wasn’t sure what to expect, but I took chance on this and I’m so glad I did!

The Rib Trader storefront is unassuming, and parking is easy, close, and totally free. Upon arrival we were directed to a side banquet room where Merlin himself...continued

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Verne Dawson
Review from Verne Dawson
23 events 17 reviews

It was different but we enjoyed the evening. Merlin and two waitresses (winches) waited on us. Children are very welcome. Room only half full on a Saturday early evening. Would go again. Free parking.

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Marlene Carlin
Review from Marlene Carlin
39 events 17 reviews

It's hard to rate in a way......the food was good and plentiful.........but the show was sophomoric at best...............The magician's clothes were is sore need of cleaning........tacky...............his humor was a little off color and not...continued

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Review from kazmi
77 events 17 reviews

The meal was very good and the entertainment was engaging. We didn't have the best seats but we could see and hear everything. The show was very family oriented.

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Review from Joyce
37 events 17 reviews

The seats were very uncomfortable, the soup was COLD and the food was not very good. The service was slow.

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Charles Benson
Review from Charles Benson
38 events 17 reviews

The show was nice, very child friendly. The magic tricks were relatively modest with simple apparatace including card, ring, empty bag, rope types of illusions, but very well done.

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Deborah Harvey
Review from Deborah Harvey
36 events 17 reviews

The show was humorous, with Merlin being a dry wit and the wenches chiming in on occasion. The food wasn't great but I didn't expect it would be. My grandson, age 16, enjoyed the show and that was all that mattered to me. Service was great.

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Charles Benson
Review from Charles Benson
38 events 17 reviews

We enjoyed it. The magic show was very family oriented. Lots of light hearted fun. Good for kids and special events. Almost like having a magician come to your house for a birthday party routine. Lots of audience participation.


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James Klein
Review from James Klein
25 events 16 reviews

Good place. Fun for whole family. Price was fair. Take the family

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