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Trisha Patterson
Review from Trisha Patterson
29 events 16 reviews

It was a nice night out. The service was very good, the food very good and filling, the magic show was very good. Merlin did his magic off and on during the course of the night and had the kids come sit up front to participate in his act. ...continued

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Review from OCfun
24 events 16 reviews

Merlin's Magic Dinner Show at the Rib Trader Restaurant in Orange is a great choice for a family-friendly evening out.

The meal was quite good, which was not surprising as the show is within an actual restaurant (not a production kitchen, as...continued

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Review from Cathy
50 events 16 reviews

Really wonderful show....great food.....lots of laughs and very memorable.... Would highly recommend this to anyone (little kids...and young at heart). Fun....fun....fun!!

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Review from Cathy
50 events 16 reviews

Wonderful show...entertaining and great service. Was in a wheelchair, so was very happy to see the extra accomodations were made and comfort was taken to help me enjoy the show to the fullest. The meal was wonderful and people seated at family...continued

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Elizabeth Miranda
Review from Elizabeth Miranda
28 events 15 reviews

Do not go expecting this to be like Medieval Times or other dinner shows. It was poorly managed, poorly staffed, and unorganized. The "show" started late, dinner was served late (my 4 and 6 year old were served last), and the show was not worth...continued

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Edgardo Perez
Review from Edgardo Perez
106 events 15 reviews

I took my 8 year old nephew and a couple of his cousins for his birthday and the kids really enjoyed it. The food was good. I wouldn't get this price for kids though, use this only for the adult tickets and the pay for the kids meals when you get...continued

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Review from drgnldy
22 events 15 reviews

I went with my adult son and 8 year old granddaughter. We had fun. The humor is corny, but made us laugh. Merlin is very interactive with the audience. My somewhat shy granddaughter went on stage twice and had a good time. The food choice is...continued

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MaryLynn Bryce
Review from MaryLynn Bryce
58 events 15 reviews

The show started as average, but it got better. I was amazed at certain tricks and wondered "How did he do that"? The food was good too.

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Candice Bún
Review from Candice Bún
18 events 15 reviews

This was a great addition to our trip!

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Review from Deanna
66 events 15 reviews

We had lots of fun. The magician was good, and quite funny. The food was more than adequate. But it was not clear that nooooo drinks were included in the price

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Doreen Rutledge
Review from Doreen Rutledge
26 events 14 reviews

I found the magic show to be delightful. Merlin was full of jokes and laughter, only to be out done by his illusions. The food was excellent but the only problem was the coleslaw. My dad loved it, but I on the other hand, disliked it with a...continued

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Review from pmf
17 events 14 reviews

Merlin was great. We took our grandsons age 11 and 13. They thought the tricks were tricky and they were very involved. the food was good and "Wenches" were fun waitresses.
On our reservation certificate it said we would be seated in order of...continued

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Review from Bruce
66 events 14 reviews

The dinner and show were a good value. We celebrated our son's 16th birthday. He enjoyed it. There weren't many attendees on the night we went (5 PM show), so it was very intimate. Merlin and his wench interacted with everyone in attendance. ...continued

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Joseph Matus
Review from Joseph Matus
21 events 14 reviews

The show is apparently focused more toward families with children than for adults.
The food was good, despite the slow service.

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Review from Nanshuska
24 events 14 reviews

Very entertaining, we had a good time - the food was good and the service was very good too.

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Review from ktshabatie
20 events 13 reviews

After seeing tickets offered for this show for a while in my Goldstar emails, I decided to finally try it out with my boyfriend, and I must say I was pleasantly surprised! The Rib Trader is a very cute restaurant in a nice area of town (almost at...continued

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Shelly Gallup
Review from Shelly Gallup
67 events 13 reviews

Great food. Great entertainment. My seat was on the back end right behind a large man twice my size. I had to move my chair to the end of the table to be able to see the show.

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Trudy D'Nalof
Review from Trudy D'Nalof
18 events 13 reviews

The ribs & chicken dinner was really good, the magic show was entertaining, and the price was a great deal. Very casual family entertainment.

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Richard c. kolander
Review from Richard c. kolander
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Review from Hershy
28 events 12 reviews

He would be great...at a kid's party.

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