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15 events 7 reviews

Ok comedy, marginal magic, TERRIBLE FOOD, venue uncomfortablle

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Tony Siok
Review from Tony Siok
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Show was second rate and this Wizard has seen better days. The food was barely edible, and very slow service only to waitress' for the entire group. Save your money and dine at a good rib joint.

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Karl Baysinger
Review from Karl Baysinger
20 events 7 reviews

The food was average. The show was okay.

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Erendira Moreno
Review from Erendira Moreno
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The magic tricks were good, the food was decent, the company can be a toss up since ur assigned seats and u share the table with others attending . Overall good time :)

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Sandra McClintock
Review from Sandra McClintock
15 events 7 reviews

The show is amusing; the food is mediocre. It was very cold in the room because their heating system wasn't working. Take a coat or call to find out if there's heat before you go. Great for kids of all ages. Something different, but if you're a...continued

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Review from rockndave
15 events 7 reviews

Walked in to Rib Trader and Merlin greeted us and showed us to our seats. The service was very good and the show was GREAT.

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Jacques Sopkin
Review from Jacques Sopkin
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Review from Doug
27 events 6 reviews

Fantastic! I and my friends all had a wonderful time. The adults and kids with us all loved it!

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Review from jb
30 events 6 reviews

Great night out for the whole family. Magic tricks were nice and the staff was very attentive. Merlin was great with the kids. Would recommend to friends

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Mary L Bodily
Review from Mary L Bodily
8 events 6 reviews

I purchased this for a gift for my sons family with three children from 19 to 14. I received a text on how much fun it was for everyone. I also heard the food was great. Its nice to be able to purchase a gift that is a hit for a family of five. ...continued

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Review from JERSEY
10 events 6 reviews

I really enjoyed this event it was pretty cool and funny @ the same time. The food was great and a big quanity! :)

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Review from Toni
21 events 6 reviews

I really enjoyed this event. My boyfriend and his daughter did as well. We went on Halloween so the event turned out to be more than what i expected. Truly spooky considering the fact that we could not figure out the magic tricks. Merlin and...continued

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Review from hbbb
14 events 6 reviews

I thought it was a good value. The group was small, the location was convenient (close to freeway), the food was good and it was entertaining.

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Review from 1derfulgal
26 events 6 reviews

I'm glad we bought goldstar tickets because it wasn't worth &40.00. When we first got there they asked if we made reservations so I gave them my goldstar tickets but they said that wasn't a reservation even though the date & time was on them. ...continued

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Dar Eve
Review from Dar Eve
10 events 6 reviews

It was a very nice night. The magic was well done. The jokes were funny. The service was good. The food was delicious. Thanks for a fun night.

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Review from hookashank
21 events 6 reviews

It was entertaining and humorous. Don't expect a Vegas show, but we had a good time.

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Review from Elisabeth
8 events 6 reviews

My child had fun. Lots of interaction with audience, awesome. magic, humor, peaceful environment.

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Mary L Bodily
Review from Mary L Bodily
8 events 6 reviews

The food was really good. Merlin was good

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Donna Tarvis
Review from Donna Tarvis
12 events 6 reviews

The magic was tricks you would see in grade school. The place looked dirty and so very old. What really put me off was the entertainer... Merlin was taking orders sitting you at your place and serving your food. What a joke for sure a B rated...continued

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Pam Dancer
Review from Pam Dancer
11 events 6 reviews

The magic was very good, but some of Merlin's comment's were not ment for young children. It was suposed to start at 5:00pm and did not start till almost 6:00pm. The service was very good when the food was finely served.

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