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J. Taylor
Review from J. Taylor
9 events 5 reviews

This was not a Magical Show, it was simply a person standing up telling jokes that we have heard through the internet or a television show. We were expecting to see MAGICAL ACTS like pulling a rabbit out of a hat or disappearing acts. He had small...continued

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Angela D. Watson
Review from Angela D. Watson
22 events 5 reviews

Very family Friendly, Merlin is lots of fun - very funny

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Review from Vetteof65
10 events 5 reviews

We really loved the show. It is our third time. The only negative thing is that they charged extra for my Mom's diabetic dinner and daughter's vegetarian dinner. All the veggie dinner consitsted of was rice pilaf and veggies, so don't feel that it...continued

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TIm Malott
Review from TIm Malott
9 events 4 reviews

A very intertaining evening. Merlin was funny and performed some really good tricks. Food was pretty good too. Great night, definitely recommend.

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Lisa Trepanier
Review from Lisa Trepanier
15 events 4 reviews

At first I thought that it was going to be a "long night" because they were talking with an accent and using words that normally get on my nerves, but it turned out to be VERY entertaining. "Merlin" is a fabulous magician!! The food was fine and...continued

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Phillip Waldman
Review from Phillip Waldman
14 events 4 reviews

Both the show and the food were very good. The service from the waitresses and wenches was also very good.

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Bonnee Nelson
Review from Bonnee Nelson
8 events 4 reviews

Enjoyed the experience. Great magician! Fun for the whole family.

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Jewels Jin
Review from Jewels Jin
7 events 4 reviews

Food was subpar, the show needs work. Some funny jokes.

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Review from Robert
11 events 4 reviews

Good show, good food, more comedy than Magic, but fun. Kids had a good time.

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Barbara & Joe
Review from Barbara & Joe
32 events 4 reviews

Great dinner! Soup and dinner was plenty. The show was fun and entertaining. Great Friday night entertainment.

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Bil Bitts
Review from Bil Bitts
19 events 4 reviews

Great sleight of hand tricks and good jokes. Lots of food.

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Jodi Goble
Review from Jodi Goble
35 events 4 reviews

Great time. Good food. Even my 16 near old enjoyed it!

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Review from "BigMike"
9 events 4 reviews

I enjoyed it. It was a very funny act. The performers (Merlin & the Wench)were very good and liked their service. The magic tricks were good, hard to spot the tricks. Well done. The meal was good too, especially the ribs, it was the Rib Trader...continued

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Sherry Loma Sampson
Review from Sherry Loma Sampson
4 events 4 reviews

I was a little disappointed that there were 4 long tables where everyone had to sit together instead of round tables where it felt more intimate. We got there when they opened the doors but there must have been a lot of groups because we were at...continued

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Cesar Rodriguez
Review from Cesar Rodriguez
13 events 4 reviews

It was so much fun.

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anthony cipriano
Review from anthony cipriano
29 events 4 reviews

It was very entertaining and the food was quite tasty. The atmosphere was inviting and friendly. We plan on taking our whole family (we have 11 just in the nuclear group) there for a holiday meal and show.

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Review from suwish
13 events 4 reviews

Merlin was funny too. The kids loved it.

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Review from Nancy
18 events 4 reviews

My husband and I had a wonderful evening attending Merlin's Magic Show! We were seated front row (center) and "Merlin" incorported us and nearly everyone else in the audiance as well! So fun to see the magic tricks! The food was absolutly...continued

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Review from Kittie
15 events 4 reviews

Ribs & chicken were tender and flavorful, there were 10 in our party, we all enjoyed our meals and the magic show was extremely entertaining. Everything exceded my expectations!

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Review from Gnosses
10 events 4 reviews

The food was good and the show was a fun, simple yet entertaining evening. Great for families and the young at heart.

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