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Review from Cathy
50 events 16 reviews

This is a wonderful event, filled with a mix of great food, some good wine, a nice beer tasting and lots of window-shopping. We live in the area and had never known all of the history about "The Orange Circle," or "The Plaza." It was very...continued

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Review from McGee
66 events 16 reviews

This was a really nice tour. Loved, loved, loved Francoli Gourmet, Zito's Pizza, The Pie Hole, and Felix Continental Cafe, and our tour guide Casey ROCKED!!!!!!

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Juliet Seagle
Review from Juliet Seagle
164 events 16 reviews

We walked around old town and went to the most interesting places. I learned a lot and got to eat some great food! We were so full at the end and didn't have to eat again the rest of the day!

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Lisa Galvan
Review from Lisa Galvan
96 events 15 reviews

Casey was our tour guide and he was great. The food was very good at every one of our 6 stops and we enjoyed hearing about the history of Old Towne Orange. We actually live locally and have tried a number of restaurants in the Plaza area already...continued

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Goldstar Member
Review from Goldstar Member
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I did this on my own and now want to return with my Foodie friends, it's a wonderful few hours, the food is generous and plentiful (this is coming from a chef) I was stuffed 2/3rd the way through - not too far to walk and our guide was lovely -...continued

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Jane De Lo
Review from Jane De Lo
34 events 15 reviews

What a fun day! Great food, friendly tour guide, interesting people and a warm welcome from all the proprietors in Old Towne Orange.

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Review from Andorach
19 events 13 reviews

Even in dreary weather, the tour was a lot of fun. You don't just visit restaurants; it was neat to see some of the hidden stores in the Circle. You will definitely leave the tour stuffed! Bring a big purse/bag to put your goodies in!

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kelly holliday
Review from kelly holliday
97 events 12 reviews

Knowledgeable guide led us through Old Orange sampling a wonderful mix of culinary delights!

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Debra Littner
Review from Debra Littner
26 events 12 reviews

My and husband and I really enjoyed the walking, but mostly eating tour of Old Town Orange, the guide Linda was great, its a really fun thing to do on a Sunday very relaxing

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Dale Quelle
Review from Dale Quelle
81 events 12 reviews

Old Towne Orange is a real jewel. Ms. Pero, our guide, was delightful.

This was my first food tour. My husband enjoyed it so much I've just booked another food tour through Goldstar.

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Ms. Teri
Review from Ms. Teri
23 events 11 reviews

Perfect afternoon! Linda, our awesome tour guide, was friendly and knowledgeable. There's so much to see and eat that we didn't do a lot of walking. We stopped and ate at 9 different shops and restaurants. Empanadas, plantines, pizza, sweet...continued

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Robin Lovan
Review from Robin Lovan
13 events 11 reviews

The review I write depends if I write as a "foodie," local historian, or event participant. As a foodie, I would have to say, I was disappointed. However, Deanna and Renee have no real control over what each establishment does in presenting...continued

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sheryl lightner
Review from sheryl lightner
29 events 11 reviews

This was a great event! I thoroughly enjoyed the time I spent with my fellow tour goers and our gracious tour guide Renee. I will definately go again and suggest that my friends also go. GOLDSTAR Events is such a great find and I so appreciate...continued

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sheryl lightner
Review from sheryl lightner
29 events 11 reviews

This was a great way to spend a beautiful Saturday afternoon. Great information provided by our tour guide, Renee, who lives and works in the city of Orange. She has taken the time to explore the historical society to give us interesting...continued

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Review from john
32 events 11 reviews

What a neat place the Orange Circle is. We learned about a lot of cool businesses and will definitely be going back to quite a few of the places that we visited.

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Review from Neha
28 events 10 reviews

So much fun, it was filling and entertaining to see and experience places I have never been to! Definitely want to go again one day!

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Ann Owens
Review from Ann Owens
24 events 10 reviews

This tour run by two sisters who truly love their surroundings is a wonderful way to explore Old Town Orange and sample some of the wonderful restaurants in the area. PJ Abbey's, olive oil tasting, a Parisian tea room, Cuban fare, and pizza and...continued

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Katy Moss
Review from Katy Moss
23 events 10 reviews

Very fun day with a funny and knowledgeable tour guide. The food was tasty and varied with not small portions.

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Review from Lori
33 events 10 reviews

We had the perfect weather for this tour. I would imagine if it was too hot or too chilly it would have been a very different experience. CAsey was our guide. He explained that there are currently a 4 person business so very small, intimate and...continued

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